Toronto. A city under seige. SMP related?

August 17, 2012

I know the big story rocking the continent is the Batman/Joker mass shooting at the theater in Colorado.

[edit: it’s not the big story anymore. i started writing this back on 07/29 but dropped it on the burner.. until Deti came out and snapped me back into it with this precient comment on The Private Man’s blog here ]

But i just wanted to point out my own city is facing a turn for the worse.

Toronto the good.

That’s what it used to be called. Not so much any more. Gotham would be more apt.

You gotta understand.. Toronto even 10 years ago was hailed as the friendliest city in North America. It was the big city with a small community feel. I can’t pin it down when it happened, but it’s gone and it’s not coming back. Not since 2005, ‘The summer of the gun’ as it was called, have we seen an uptick in gun crime. While actual gun assaults are at their lowest right now, the brazen use of them out in the open in public venues where we never saw them before is quite startling.

Now i KNOW there is more to crime than just any one statistic, more than one cause, that it’s not black n white, or broken down to one simple element. Rather it’s a confluence of many problems stemming from race, poverty, societal mores and stigmas, education, parental guidance, peer pressure, etc…

But i’m just going to pick on simply the sex aspect to see how it ‘contributes’ to and exasperates the problem.

From Michael Cohen of the Toronto Sun in his article “Racism Nightmare”:

It’s partly about self-regard. Too many teenage girls in the black community have so little of it that they are obsessed with becoming “baby mamas.” What’s love got to do with it? Sod all! Forget love, it’s hardly even about sex. It’s plastic self-esteem through pseudo-parenting, while the man’s self-esteem is defined by the very opposite. He is hardly on the scene at all, and she likes is that way. Of course some of these girls grow to be mature and responsible mothers, but far from all.

If you have several children by various fathers, and if those children are never given any sense of boundary or limitation, if the ostensible mothers party rather than work, and then if they’re told by suburban whites that they’re victims rather than perpetrators, it’s no wonder we have what we do.

Combine this with an attitude that despises authority, a police force led by people seemingly more concerned with appearances than arrests, the pop culture glorification of a rancid sub-culture, and politicians who know even less than they care, and we have disaster.

We all need role models.

So what’s going on?

The wise sage Obsidian has written extensively about the white urban middle class falling victim to the same fate as that of black America when letting female hypergamy run rampant and unchecked. Black America is the ‘canary in the coal-mine‘ all other cultures should heed as warning. Men will go to great lengths and do horrendous things if it proves to provide an access to plentiful pussy.

In a day and age where working to be educated, a provider, a nurturer and a good father (beta) are shown to be not enough to keep marriage together, and that doing these things in order to tie the knot only to get raped later in divorce court because you couldn’t keep the tingle going proves you’re an idiot, especially when it’s well known that she’d cheat on you with a celebrity in any case which makes you even more stupid.. why would you bother being educated, a provider, a nurturer or a good father?

Women routinely reward the ‘jerks’ and the ‘players’ (because their hamsters want them to, not that they were tricked).. and leave the other guys alone until they’ve had they’re fill. Then they expect them to be there to finish off the ‘women can have it all‘ line by marrying them up at a later age and pop out a few kids before unhaaaapiness sets in and off to the divorce rape cleaners before going on an eat, pray, love journey until they find another beta or hit the wall, first come first serve.

So as more men wise up that the path to pussy is not in the time honoured trope of climbing the ladder of hard work but is in showing dominance, being a jerk, being ruthless, etc.. it’s not a stretch to see how the allure of criminal play comes into being. ‘THUG LIFE’ is built upon the premise that money, power and sex all come from a culture of violence.  It’s revered by those who follow it. Parents opt out, so gangs opt in and take the kids by showing them how to get what they want most. Going to school, getting educated, getting a job, marrying up, paying your taxes, buying a home, getting credit, popping out some kids to repeat the cycle of becoming a family unit/consumers and taxable citizens for the government is just not appealing when you’re 16 and horny and you realize the girls only get with the power mongers. They see through the pretty lie of ‘work hard, become a provide and you’ll get the girl later’ shpeal. It’s bullshit. You won’t get the girl until she’s had her fun and then she’s a flight risk to mop you up with. Fuck that, they want pussy now.

They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Event Horizon taught me the quickest path between 2 points was by occupying the same space by folding space and time. Zero effort. Just like being a punk ass.

Thug life is the quickest way to become ‘a man’ and attain pussy by baby mama’s. The current SMP is driving delinquint behavior in the black/hispanic community in the UK, US and here. It will soon follow into white upper middle class as more guys discover the path through hedonism and criminality will deliver poon on a platter. Encouraging hedonism and training men not to care about anything but only their pure selfish interests, to the detriment of society around them is a recipe for breeding cold, emotionless men who won’t think twice about cruelty and malice as means to an end if it serves their own good.

Which brings me to Mexico and the drug cartel. I once read an outstanding piece somewhere on the interwebz detailing how Hispanic women were the driving force behind a majority of the violence going on there, directly or indirectly. For the life of me i cannot track it down but continue to try. Basically they have run of the mill because almost without exception, what they want from their criminal lovers, they get. Strange guy hits on her at a bar, she sicks her boyfriend on him to get beaten to an inch of his life. They enjoy getting men to fight over them. They love being splashed with gifts and luxury.. all paid for through the criminal exploits of drugs and crime. I really have to find this article again.

Latina’s love their drug lord kingpins, with all the brutal deaths involved there. Women who turn a blind eye to what their murderous mates do so long as it provides them with the ‘lifestyle’ their hypergamy demands. Hey, what’s a couple of ‘Columbian neck ties‘ matter so long as she’s rolling high on the status, wealth and criminal protection. If you know you will get to tap the hottest sexiest ass, get some power & respect, flash a little cash and all you have to do is enforce the dictates of your overlord.. well if you’re a hedonist it’s a no brainer.

The Mafia lifestyle was all about attaining status. What came with all of that? Power, money, respect and boatloads of hot sexy women.

Today’s gangs, thugs and hooligans are just ghetto versions of the Mafia, but at it’s core it’s all the same.

I keep saying it and i’ll keep saying it. As long as women continue to reward the darker elements of society with unbridled and exhilarating sex, to the exclusion of the honorable, decent, hardworking and productive men (i am excluding the supplicating ‘nice’ guys here) you will reap what you sow. It only takes having a few good men remove themselves from the equation to allow the first domino to fall, starting a cascade effect that will reshape everything we know. More crime, more draconian laws. Loss of civil liberties. Higher taxes to pay for services for single mothers. Crumbling infrastructure and lack of maintenance. Policing stressed to the limits. Entire portions of cities become un-police-albe. Take stock when you see society continue to crumble and you keep asking ‘where are all the  good men’.  They’ll have taken the hint that it’s better to be bad than good. Then maybe there won’t be so much complaining lol.

See son, in my day women preferred hooligans over structural engineers.. now look at what we have become…

It can be very hard to imagine this almost apocalyptic world now since we more privileged and affluent members of society have yet to feel the full impact of living under a blanket of crime like other 3rd world or gang infested areas. And i’m not even saying it’s going to happen. I’m not a seer. I only play one on TV.

But i’m telling you, there are market forces at play here.

Supply and demand. You want bad really badly, the market will provide.

And sometimes, you get what you ask for.

And the rest of society will suffer for it until men of honor, character, and a sense of tribal loyalty to the greater good are rewarded with female love and sexuality. Or do i have to bring up clicker training again?


  1. This is indeed how things end up when taken to their conclusions.
    Women need to reward honor,character and tribal loyalty with love and sexuality. But make no mistake, men have to reward these behaviours too. Most women are oblivious that men want and are inspired by femininity. Young women are seeing sexy and slutty and selfish being validated by tv,songs,books,magazines and most of all, male attention. Multiple sexual partners masculinize women. Men claim to want low number women, or virgins, but these women get passed over for relationships. For most secular women, just getting a relationship, let alone marriage will require carousel lite. Problem is, when slutty behavior is rewarded and validated, it feels a lot better than being ignored.

  2. No. It is your close proximity to Detroit, the rise of negro Jamaican gangs, the election of Obama emboldening blacks. Canada wanted diversity, by the gods you’ve got it.

  3. Google sbpdl .

  4. Ha! You have this back-assward. Women who are unable to attract male attention get passed over. Hence a low number. We don’t look for girls with high #’s. We don’t reward slutty looks and behaviour, we reward sexy looks and behaviour. If the former is rewarded and the latter isn’t, then your men are selecting themselves out of the competition and you should go to more expensive venues.

  5. “The wise sage Obsidian has written extensively about the white urban middle class falling victim to the same fate as that of black America when letting female hypergamy run rampant and unchecked. Black America is the ‘canary in the coal-mine‘ all other cultures should heed as warning. Men will go to great lengths and do horrendous things if it proves to provide an access to plentiful pussy.”

    I think that process is well underway…


  6. I’ll keep your answer handy the next time the guys in the sphere complain about the carousel lite crowd. After all, if low count women are just female nerds, why would they want them?

  7. Its immigration.


    Demonization of whites as the source of all the world’s ills – the corollary being the deification of non-whites, especially blacks.

    Mass immigration of Third World immigrants (black, Muslim, Hispanic) to western – i.e. white – lands:

    Forced integration of neighbourhoods and schools.

    Multiculturalism and cultural relativism

    Affirmative Action (AA) in its various forms whereby gentile whites are disadvantaged at every turn

    Relentless media propagandizing of black/white miscegenation

    Feminism – primarily directed at emasculating the white male (the oppressor) and the legitimising (encouraging?) of homosexuality, same-sex marriages etc.

    The undermining of traditional patriarchal Western institutions (church, ‘traditional’ family etc.)

    So-called ‘hate’ legislation and the closing down of all contrary opinion on the desirability of the foregoing objectives.

    Net effect, the civilization of the white race, which created modern society, freedom of conscience, the rule of law, individual rights, as well as virtually everything that’s worthwhile in the arts and sciences, is reeling under the onslaught, and its forthcoming demise is unashamedly celebrated.

    That’s called celebrating ‘diversity’. And that’s what its doing—celebrating everything that destroys and dispossesses white people and their societies. Talk about hate and envy–diversity is a codeword for it.

  8. No Ryu, it is obviously the work of those evil old stock British Canadian gangbangers! The English-Canadians are the worst, of course. The prime minister himself said recently (with a tear of joy in his eye!) that the number of third-world immigrants to Canada was increasing, even during the economic downturn. God love ’em, they can’t come to Canada quickly enough!

  9. […] the next phase of masculine frame takes a more sinister turn, we will see more of this working its way up the social […]

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