The Double Standard that won’t die

August 16, 2012

Sorry Kristen.

You were the gatekeeper of ultimate responsibility. (and also makes you wonder whether women really value commitment anyways)

Hypergamy takes another one down.

From TMZ

Our sources tell us … Kristen can’t believe the public isn’t painting Rupert Sanders as the bad guy.  She’s grousing that he’s 19 years her senior and was “in a position of power over her” … being a director of a movie she had just shot and presumably someone she was going to work with again.

Yes, a position of power indeed. I’ll bet the snowflake just sat there and made no attempt to not flirt, not escalate, not actively seduce the rich and powerful director. Nope, she was probably one step away from being sexually violated undre duress, possibly raped no doubt.

We’re told Kristen fears her career may be irreparably damaged — something she believes she doesn’t deserve as a 22-year-old single woman who made a stupid mistake.

Don’t worry Kristen. Rupert will most likely get his when his wife is through with him. Those are his consequences to deal with. But you’re learning a wonderful lesson yourself about responsibility. Take it all in Kristen. Take it all it!

Just be thankful you’re only facing the media over your cheating on Robert. Imagine you had to face the court of preteen girls who have love crush’s for him, his loyal Twihards who would want your head on a pole for making him cry. Intrasexual competition would have you drawn and quartered and your head planted on a street lamp for all to see. You attained what all the little theater bound moisties only dream of, and you spit on it. I’m sure the boppers are very happy he’s a single man again so they can touch their sex holes while staring at him lovingly adorned on their bedroom walls, a poster of perfection.

Be thankful you don’t have to answer to them.


  1. Not her fault. He directed his dick into her mouth and she acted like she liked it.

  2. Well played sir! Really wish i had a ‘Like’ button for comments…

  3. I bet Rob takes her back. And he shouldn’t, not necessarily because she cheated, but because she wasn’t discreet at all.

  4. If he does, then he deserves a lifetime of torment and misery dealing with second guessing and doubt and jealousy and mistrust.

    Cheating is a 1 strike, you’re out deal. By either sex. If you feel the need to fuck someone else, have the balls to tell your partner you’re done, are ask for an open relationship.

  5. There is NO EXCUSE for cheating. Period.

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