Game and the Rise of the Kwisatz Haderach

August 16, 2012

So, some time ago i decided to be a smartass and tell the world i was reading ‘the Game’. It was on my Assbook, my TUMBLR, this blog, on a billboard downtown and on OKCupid.

Well, maybe not the billboard.

In any case, one day one of the women i politely asked to chat with in a non cut&paste manner previewed my profile before responding and noticed that i had written in ‘The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit’ box was that i was currently reading the book. Here’s the extremely quick chat we had.

Preconceptions and an inability to argue beyond emotional hysterics. This is where conversations go to die.

I have another post in the works about a trend i’m noticing online, and how women talk in the real world as well. About how they’re ‘tired of the games’ or ‘guys are assholes’. It’s the Chicks Dig Jerks syndrome of course.

And they’re starting to blame it on ‘Game’ because it is starting to go mainstream. Fuck, i even saw an episode of Criminal Minds not too long ago where they were investigating someone who was running ‘Pick Up’ training, and the killer took one of his courses on the dark arts. Of course the actor they chose looked like a sleezeball and slimey (had to get your digs in MSM) but it shows that Game and PickUp are becoming part of the mainstream narrative. More and more women are becoming aware that men are learning and reading about how to seduce women and are becoming frightened by the thought.

You’d think women would love the chance to have MOAR alpha men to choose from to satiate their hypergamous sexholes need for top dog sausage.


Almost paradoxically, the more alpha’s that enter the system, in the minds of women.. DILUTE the prize of becoming the prize pig to an alpha. What is the victory in shackling one down when they’re a dime a dozen? It’s like currency. Flooding the economy with more printed money and what do you get? People buying bread with wheel-barrels full of paper. Women don’t want to wheel around dump trucks full of useless kindling.

BUT WAIT, it gets even better!

Women are starting to also catch on to the fact that PUA’s, while maybe not having been naturals, seem indistinguishable. Yes the bad ones have certain tells, but the good PUA’s.. you don’t know it until they’re asking you kindly to leave their flat while throwing your clothes out the door and saying thanks for the lay. Another one for the pump and dump files. They are scared of ceding control, of losing the ability to make t-shirts that say ‘I have the pussy, I make the rules’.

Others who won’t bother to become hardcore PUA’s will still nonetheless learn how to react with dignity and not to be a pussy beggar, thus ending the free ride of so many entitled mooching whores. These men will not bend or yield as they force women to qualify to them and reject outright the batshit crazy, the entitled princess, the narcissist attention whore, the beta-orbiter collector. As was pointed out to me by both my brother and Leap of Beta, even learning to withhold the act of surrender-commitment is a huge game-changer IF enough men learn this concept and enforce it.

The point i’m driving at is that women want to paint Game as some evil entity and that your association to it in ANY WAY marks you as a villainous user of women (as if that isn’t just female imperative with gender reversal). What they fail to grasp is that Game isn’t moral, it’s amoral. Game itself is unaware AND indifferent to questions of right or wrong. It doesn’t care! (like Hypergamy)

Over at Dalrocks, guest blogger Cane Caldo touches upon the symbiotic and inverse relationship of Game/Hypergamy on his post Cypher’s Dilemma.

What is Game? Here’s the definition, as I understand it:

Game is the applied science of attraction, most commonly expressed as the art of seduction. It’s based on the supposed evolutionary psychology of human; with a special emphasis on exploiting the condition of hypergamy.

Hypergamy is a philosophy of the condition of women that says, whenever possible, any given woman will choose to mate with the male in her vicinity that is exhibiting the most, and most dominant, sexual traits. Those sexual traits, themselves, are Game.

It’s a really good read, but it devolves into moralizing about why Game is bad/wrong/not necessary for Christians. To each their own, but i think he’s missing a key point that Dalrock got. It’s not game that’s evil.. it’s how the practitioner decides to use Game.

Maybe this graphic will help.

Everything pictured here can kill. EVERYTHING.

Game is a Tool.

A tool that can be used for good or bad. Like every other tool, it only has one primary function. To be used. How it’s used is up to the operator of the tool and what goal he/she is trying to accomplish.

“BUT WAIT.. and SUV is meant for driving and hauling things!”

Tell that to the man who wants to use it to run over his cheating wife.” Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. They may use the gun, or the butter knife, or the screwdriver, or the car.

A screwdriver can be used to screw and unscrew things as intended, or it can become a makeshift ice-pick in the clink of an eye. You can use it to rewire the lightswitch, or pop the tire of an asshole who cut you off after he’s parked. Use it to prop up a window, hold a door open, play spin the bottle, or stab someone 47 times and go to jail for.

The screwdriver didn’t do it.

And neither did Game.

Ladies like the one above have got to come clean with their issues over the book, the concept, it’s utilization. Stop the projection that the men who run Game are in any way abusers or victimizers. This takes agency away from women and says they can’t be smart, think and resist it’s charms and hypergamous instincts and must always fall for the cads because of big bad evil game. That’s like saying a guy can’t resist the urge to have sex with a woman once aroused. The cornerstone of feminist bullshit regarding rape culture/rape hysteria.

I drink too much wine, I must take a piss!

What women fail to grasp is that Game is a REACTION to their hypergamy. Causality. Cause and effect. The loss of control. The loss of choice. Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without. Women had the power when men had the illusion of choice but in reality had NONE. It was either do as you were told, or you were a loser who couldn’t get laid. Played by their rules and their dictates with the promise of possible reward. A reward that sometimes never came because you had no real power, no control, no choice. Game flips the script and gives men REAL CHOICE, and invests REAL POWER into the hands of men.

In DUNE, the Bene Gesserit feared their own creation of the Kwisatz Haderach (Super Being), a being they were trying to create to ultimately be under their control to fulfill their agenda. Paul Atreides unexpected birth disrupts their plans, and even tho they see great potential in him to fulfill that role, they fail to be able to control him or his power. Ultimately, the Super Being they craved became and instrument of the orders ultimate disillusion. Their one fear was being unable to control the Kwisatz Haderach.

Women’s hypergamy serves an agenda, seeking out top males. Hypergamy unleashed has had the unintended affect of accelerating the development of a man who is both aware of his purpose, his nature and the agenda. The Game aware man. A man that the hypergamous sisterhood cannot control and is now ultimately capable of disrupting their plans they had of snatching up their own ‘Super Being’. These new super beings do not follow the agenda of the sisterhood, they follow their own. Their power uncontrollable. It is what the sisterhood fears.

A prescient line from the film spoken by the Reverend Mother who is speaking to young Paul who knows he MAY be the Super Being foretold, but must take the water of life in order to prove it.

It is very dangerous… very painful. The Bene Gesserit sisterhood drink it to see within…. There is a place terrifying to us… to women. It is said a man will come… the Kwisatz Haderach… he will go where we cannot… Many men have tried…

Did they try and fail?

They tried and died…

Men have never been able to wrest control of the female imperative. Even most Alpha’s of old still dutifully performed their perfunctory roles and duties dutifully. They followed the script, the social contract, the imperative. None challenged it. Happy wife.. happy life.

Unleashed hypergamy ignited the smoldering ember and fanned it into the the one thing that women fear.

Loss of control over the agenda. The imperative.

It gives men the ability to do things that go against the imperative:

  • Pump and dump, short term mating with no requirement to commit
  • MGTOW, no surrender to calls to ‘man up’
  • To avoid marriage like the plague, without shame or regret
  • To recognize man’s need and interests as paramount supplanting all others
  • Avoid traps and emotional abuses such as orbiting, LJBFing and being a slave to an emotional vampire / becoming an emo tampon
  • Create conditions to enforce real equality feminism claimed to seek
  • Create self awareness of masculinity and embracing it
  • Reclaim ones humanity and freedom

Yohami and Leap of Beta have been my mentors. I still have a lot to learn, but i think the lessons they impart are starting to digest.

Yohami drilled it into me that hating hypergamy (and women’s natural tendencies by proxy) was the wrong frame to assume. It is a woman’s natural state, evolved for reasons required to continue the species. Hating their utilization of it to fulfill the female imperative is wrong. It is better to understand it and work within (or around) the hard wiring rather than break it out of them. It’s in their nature.

So too should women (and men, and white knights and mangina’s) learn to not hate Game, or it’s utilization, however implemented. For it is simply a tool to allow men to follow our imperative to fulfill our goals as WE desire.

It’s OUR nature. We only just forgot how to do it. Thanks to Game, we’re learning what we lost.


Ladies. Don’t hate the player. Don’t hate the Game. Understand it, work within it, live with it.

Like hypergamy, Game will not go away.


  1. That is an interesting parallel to draw between the game aware man and the Kwisatz Haderach.

    You are right Game is ultimately just a tool, it did surprise me that Cane Caldo wrote against it. Christians have always taken and incorporated good ideas from non-reveled sources. They freely took on what was useful from Pagan Philosophy and incorporated its ideas where they were compatible and illuminating.

    As Thomas Aquinas said, “All truth is God’s truth”.

  2. i decided to be a smartass and tell the world i was reading ‘the Game’.
    Nice! What you’ve done, whether you’re aware of it or not, is just instituted your own shit test. Just think about it. Do you want to waste your time and resources on a woman like that? Her behavior identifies her as a:

    “Judgmental entitlement princess with the intellect of a gnat.”

    How do I come to that conclusion:

    1) Approximately 2 weeks after your initial wink she “bites.” (Jun 27 – Jul 10)

    2) She replied late at night. Most likely after another disappointing date so she came into the “conversation” with a burr up her ass.

    3) Her first question is about the book (she heard sistahood smacktalk about it) and was ready to judge and execute you for simply touching it’s pages. Her entitlement princess mentality kicked in (i.e. men must bow down at my feet. They are not allowed to even think unless I tell them to. That includes reading any books that are not on my approved list.)

    4) She axed you without even asking what you thought of it. Not everyone who reads that book likes it e.g. manginas.

    5) “And, like: gross” sounds like a brain-dead pot smoking douchette talking. Like, totally stoned babe!


    The above aside, good job on your blogging. It’s good to see you putting your own thoughts down.

    Some idea responses for the next one that asks you something stupid like: “You’re not really reading The Game, are you?”

    a) Reply with a question:

    – Shouldn’t I?
    – Why not?
    – Is it any good?

    b) Someone told me it’s like “Eat, Pray, Love” for men.

    c) I need to finish 50 Shades first.

  3. Good post and thanks for the link

    On game:
    Women never have really been taught responsibility, consequences, or what the power of choice really is. They just go with there instincts. That’s all well and good – it’s Hypergamy and it is what it is. But it means they are afraid only because they think game is going to take something away from them. That or possibly that the idea of ‘thinking you snagged an alpha for a LTR but turns out he’s a beta’ is the closest scenario to the female equivalent of a male getting cuckolded. She still knows the kids are hers, they’re just no the Alpha genes from the Alpha sperm her body wanted so much.

    As for the tool and Dalrock thing….. I’m honestly surprised all my comments on that thread got completely passed over. The way I explained it not only makes perfect sense to me, but also puts all the elements involved on different areas of a mans life that he can work on improving and do so in a way that bring balance to his life.

    If you havent read it at dalrocks, check it out at my newest post. My thoughts and views of it as a tool line up with yours exactly

  4. That’s a good breakdown of little miss muffet’s motivations regarding blowing me off for reading a book. And i though women liked well read men lol

    “Judgmental entitlement princess with the intellect of a gnat.” < Priceless observation!

    b) Someone told me it’s like “Eat, Pray, Love” for men.
    c) I need to finish 50 Shades first.

    Killer retorts!

  5. I get that he appears to wanting Christian men to be ‘above’ the fray so to speak, but the pushback stems from the fact that Christian women don’t appear to have the same resolve and is putting the burden of following the golden path directly on the guys to fall on their swords. As noted by many of the commenters, Christian men are turning to game precisely because taking the upstanding moral biblical path was leading to the ruination of many a man. Tenets of game solve this problem to varying degrees.

  6. I had been meaning to write something about my little OKCupid angel for sometime, but Caldo’s post pushed me into high gear. When i got home started typing furiously and belted it out. Then i went into my Reader and saw you had posted yours 7 hours earlier and i was like ‘damn’. Sorta like a reporter who gets his story scooped lol.

    I think i was the very first comment on that post and haven’t been back since, so i will check’r out now and see your thoughts within.

  7. Hahaha, love it bro.

    You should post yours anyways. I’ve been shocked by both how my my mind can remember when I actually ask it to directly (rather than let my subconscious do it), how much further in depth I can go when my fingers dictate my speed of thought (rather than drive by thinking of self reflection), how much it boosts further observation by your mind expecting to have to do this in the future, and how supportive both men and women I interact with in the Sphere have been on giving tips and feed back.

    Everyone should do field reports for their own good. Every. Single. Man. And don’t limit field reports to any definition more specific than “An interaction with a woman I had that had instances of recognizable game theories or hypergamous behavior that I found interesting.”

    Whole words of thought. Opened. Just for you.

  8. Also, your possible reply means I need to go check my spam folder. To the spam mobile!

  9. I’ll add one. Only if you’re feeling super cocky/funny and she’s attractive:

    “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I in danger of ruining your future as a cat lady?”

    That or it could blow up in your face. I’d laugh either way though.

  10. That’s actually one of the best ‘shit tests’ a guy can throw a girl. Providing it isn’t said with angry biting snark, but with wit and panache.. her reaction will reveal a lot. If she laughs it off and thinks it funny (cutesy) or even agrees (yah you’re probably right) in which the conversation can be salvaged through humor (all submissive acts on her part) then it’s a worthwhile endeavor to continue. Masculine tankgrrl’s will fly off the handles with this comment in which case they’ll unleash verbally or throw a hissy fit, call you a loser and storm off. One less batshit crazy to deal with.

    But on the interwebz, where text rarely carries tone.. always ends badly 🙂

  11. Cocky funny humor like that is the ONLY time I’ll resort to online emoticons. I believe the only one you should ever use with women is a winking one. Even then, I usually will give it a few seconds pause between when I send the ‘joke’ and when I send the wink

    That’s how you convey what your usual ‘shit eating grin’ does in person over text.

  12. An escape if cornered again like this is to not hesitate. Say “Yes, I am. I found it interesting that at end of the book Neil Strauss says that PUA is a shallow endeavor and he leaves it for an excellent relationship but does hold that Game enabled him the capacity to enter into that relationship. I had thought the same thing while reading it, how shallow the act of picking up women solely as an end in itself and not a means to an end, that end being the significant relationship that is the ultimate definition of being a man.”

    Of course it’s bullshit. But at least she might not drop off like this one. It was probably smart on her part to run. Any man that has read it has to be suspect in the mind of a woman who wants slap chains on him and turn him into a beast of burden until she bores with him and throws him away.

    This topic has been all over the manosphere today. The moral challenge of the application of game. I commented on The University of Man in a similar way as yourself, that Evolutionary Psychology is a body of knowledge that details the reality of hypergamy and is backed up by academic studies, empirical data, and a multitude of anecdotal stories by men. You ignore it at your peril. You use aspects of it to your benefit.

    I have been wondering how mainstream it was becoming.

    There is far greater danger to women than merely a bunch of fake alphas. I think the whole “cock carousel” meme is really dangerous to them.

    I gave this other analogy to the spread offense in college. A defense is currently structured on the idea that the quarterback is neither an effective runner or blocker. When the defense reads keys that say a running play is occurring then they behave in one way, and another when they read pass. They effectively have an 11 on 10 advantage. The spread introduces doubt into the minds of the defense because the quarterback is now an effective runner and also can pass. The best defense to it is to assume he is always a runner and knock the snot of him on every play to induce fear, pain, hesitance, and to wear him down.

    So if women are going to continue to throw themselves at alphas, to value those qualities and to ignore the good qualities of beta men, or to marry beta men and then cheat on them with alphas, or to frivolously divorce men, then game is the equivalent of knocking the snot out of her, to hit her on every play, to knock her down when she lets her hypergamistic tendencies overrule her better angels. If we always assume that she is “a runner”, then she is always a hypergamistic bitch and we treat her as such. If we all refuse to have anything to do with 30 something women other than to pump and dump her because she might just be looking for a “settle” relationship only to divorce him. If we all assume any woman over 30 has a high sexual partner count and we refuse to commit to her and we pump and dump her. If we all assume that any divorced women is divorced due to some character flaw and stop listening to the bullshit blaming of the man and we mark her to be pumped and dumped. If women get the snot knocked out her emotionally on enough plays

    Then maybe she will quit using that play.

    Game is the only sane response to the reality of women in the world today.

    This next line is little fucking corny but please understand what I am trying to say

    I am MAN, hear ME roar.

    I am not gonna march in the street, or burn my jockstrap. I am going to win my own personal war with women in the most vicious and devastating way possible. I don’t have to be anybody’s father to be a man, I don’t need to fit into any societal role to be a man. If I merely pump and dump her then I am a man. If I burn her time and push her one day closer to the wall, I win. Hell, if I merely jerk off then I am a man as I am biologically intended and I win. If I merely ignore her, and sit down and not play, she looses. She will have to find some other way to be a woman and that entails having a baby. I fully intend for the rest of my life to avoid her, to never never never commit to her, to burn her time, to frustrate her, to tire her out, to wear her down and to fully punish her for her hypergamy. She may hold control over sex but i hold control over commitment. And I will damned before I ever give it to another woman. She might steal my sperm or trick me into impregnating her, but her experience as a mother is going to corrupted because I will have nothing to do with it or her. I will fight her socially, at work, sexually, economically. That sounds a little Winston Churchhill, “We will never surrender no matter what the cost may be. We will defend our island. We will fight them in fields. We fill fight them in the streets…” Whatever.

    Men didn’t start this war, but goddam it, we are gonna win it. At least, I am going to win mine. Game is the guerrilla strategy that defeats the biggest and best equipped female army in the world. If any woman wants to get out of the line of fire, then she should find a nice beta and settle the fuck down with him before its too late. And not cheat on him. And stay with him. But if she wants to slut walk then her ass is fair game.

    Game her.

    Game on bitch.

  13. You say there are more alphas entering the system. Nope. From the female perspective, a man who uses Game for pump and dump is faking higher value within the timeframe necessary to get her to commit to taking a load. I think this is what Roosh is finding in his tour of the East – that girls are no longer seeing all western men as the route to riches and are discriminating in favour of the best DHV they know. You make me tingle AND pick up the check. Because they haven’t had 40 years of Cosmopolitan you-can-have-it-all shit pushed at them, they’ve recalibrated much more rapidly than the waddlers in the anglosphere.

  14. I like your take on it. It’s asymmetric warfare performed not by an army, but by individuals against a foe who has superior firepower and strength in numbers. Rack up enough successes and you become a symbol for a movement.

    And i love your retort at the beginning. How can she disprove it either? She’ll have never read the book lol.

  15. For the purposes of defining non-natural Alpha, it simply means to behave in a confident manner around women as if you’ve done this before many times, removing the stink of desperation and neediness. Who cares what the female perspective is, it is irrelevant as long as they continue to fall for it and reward it. And for guys perspective it’s “Fake it until you make it.”

    Women in the East can expect that because although they have the same rights to work and be independent.. it hasn’t been culturally ingrained into females to revile their natural femininity and hate traditional female gender roles. Hence they can expect the tingle and the check picked up, and be happy to make you breakfast in the morning and dress sexily for you at home, and clean up around the house without yelling any bullshit about you wanting them barefoot and pregnant or some nonsense.

    The social contract is still at play in old europe.

  16. Hey M3, new reader of yours. Congrats on a solid blog.

    Question: you referred to “unleashed” hypergamy a few times in there… What distinction from regular hypergamy are you making there? Or is it more of a statement of societal conditions which have combined to “unleash” hypergamy in a heretofore unseen way? If so, what conditions were those in your opinion (ie: rise of the matriarchy, etc.)

  17. Thanks for stopping by protagonist.

    Wherever you see the term unleashed hypergamy in the sphere it simply means the portion of time when feminism removes the social shackles of shame or responsibility for being promiscuous.

    Women’s nature has always been hypergamous (seeking the best male) but there were always penalty restrictions in place to keep her nature in check.

    Women could fuck around if they wanted in caveman days, but if they got caught fucking another guy, they (and their offspring) might be killed since the dude had no clue if it was his or not at that point. In civilized times pre birth control, a woman following her hypergamy faced the possibility of child out of wedlock (scarlet letter), caught sleeping around (slut, unmarriageable) thus losing the ability to marry into wealth or having a provider.

    Birth control, the ability of women to work for a living, modern divorce laws favoring women and child custody laws favoring women game modern women unparalleled ability more than at any other point in time to fuck without consequence, break unions without consequence and do anything they wanted to because Grrrrl Power demanded nothing less but their absolute liberated debauchery.

    Women have always been hypergamous. If hypergamy was a snarling frothing dog, social mores, value judgements and natural law of consequences were the leash.

    Feminism made society let go of the leash. Hence unleashed.

    Hope this helps out.

  18. […] There is one thing that doesn’t care about hypergamy tho. And that’s Game. […]

  19. […] men how to be attractive and how to screen against red flags for poor behavior for commitment. Game is a tool and can also be used to chase and take advantage of sluts, but by and large, it’s real […]

  20. […] he has seen references to fuzzy hats and negs on TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy. As well as elsewhere. This is a sign that the awareness of Game is slowly permeating the general social consciousness. […]

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