Link Love

August 12, 2012

Deciding to share since I’m ready to crash and have nothing of interest to write and my beer is almost done.

Dalrock, the only Christian man i listen to with reverence speaks about ‘having it all’ and the future of marriage in the internet age.

The Private Man speaks to the power at play wrt ‘gatekeeping’ for the gender imperatives, female/sex and male/commitment, Apex fallacy and Dating 2.0.

A brilliant piece by Heartiste regarding a nation losing it’s mind about why sex differences mean something, and why it should matter to you.

Stingray discusses about ‘Being Nice’ and it’s ramificatiosn, along with drive behind why men were taught and adopted it as male morality was beneath women’s inherent goodness.

Leap of Beta chronicles a tale of hypergamy gone apeshit and validates that Christian girls can often make the Devil blush.

Stoner with a Boner confirms my realization that in this fucked up world, it’s only criminal when a man does it and guys can’t be victims, because well, you know.. we got dicks.

Married Man Athol enumerates the credentials of a ‘Redpill Woman’ and makes me wish real Redpill Women would wear t-shirts that point out that awareness or used a code similar to Reddit’s “The Narwhal bacons at midnight’.

Your link love endeth here.

And just for shit’s n giggles.. going back to my post about Sexbots, it appears Progressive Insurance has crafted a commercial that deftly shows that teh wymmins™ have much to be afraid of when the onslaught of robotic vagina’s begin arriving en masse from the land of the rising sun. Intersexual competition? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Good night all!


  1. Morning M3. Thank you for the Link Love!

  2. Let’s try this again and see if my computer will stay connected to the internet this time . . . Thank you for the link love, M3. It is much appreciated!

  3. You’re most welcome my dear. And thank you for writing the way you do about the issues that affect us all. Yours is a voice that was sorely needed in this sphere!

  4. […] over the weekend I followed the wonderful Link Lovin that M3 put up (thanks for my inclusion, btw), to Private Man’s post on Men as the […]

  5. I added your blog to my blog roll. The ladies need to be reading your site to get honest, solid advice about what real men want.

    And thanks for supporting my blog by reblogging, etc. I appreciate it!

  6. Thank you so much my dear! I would be remiss to not include your wonderful writings as well. In fact i’ve become so enamoured with your blog i bumped it to the top of my female blog list.

    thank you for being you!

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