She’s not dead after all. What a shame.

July 31, 2012

Best of luck to you Femitheist you drama mama.

When you do die for real.. not one fuck shall be given or tear shed. You cried wolf. Now i’ll sit back and watch you get devoured when there are actually wolves.

Do yourself a favor.. get lobotomized. Until then, go fuck yourself and your twisted thoughts.

As Stephen Colbert would say (and by virtue of you virtual demise) you are Dead to Me.

Feel free to share this new meme.


  1. I agree with most of this, but owls?

  2. The problem with this woman is that she want’s attention, whether negative or positive. She loves that people are angry and appalled at her. She revels in the attention of how many blog posts, youtube vids and comments that admonish and castigate her. Her histrionics are testament to that and her videos subsequent to her faked suicide are only attempts to goad people further in disgust towards her and it appears to be working.

  3. She faked her suicide? Wow. She needs serious therapy.

  4. Shock therapy.

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