July 31, 2012

I know I said I’m going on break, but that starts Thursday. This post was just too epic not to share. Great post from a great lady! Enjoy.

Staked in the Heart

In August a new reality show is premiering on Lifetime: The Network for WomenIt’s about a small town where they take out all the women to see how the men do in their absence. It’s called “The Week The Women Went.” The producers are calling it the greatest social experiment.

I expect we’ll see bumbling men floundering with child care. They will be flustered by potty training and unable to handle cooking Hamburger Helper, their houses will look like bombs exploded in them. At the end of the week, no doubt the men will be begging their wives back, thankful they returned to rescue them.

Since this is on a network purporting to be “for” women, you notice they aren’t doing a show where all the men are pulled out to see how the women fared without them.

Now that would be a great social experiment.

It’s not a…

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