Remember when dying while having sex was the dream?

July 29, 2012

MGTOW Hardcore edition. Heavy emphasis on the ‘going’ part.

Thanks to the modern SMP, a lot of men have found other ways to die doing things.

Looks like many women have made life so unbearable for some guys its online video games as the preferred method of death rather than a heart attack through strenuous vaginal pumping.

But what a way to go huh?


This is a growing trend.. i kid you not. It’s not an epidemic. YET.

The wiki also lists possible causes, but this snippet jumped out at me immediately.

Some theorists focus on presumed built-in reward systems of the games to explain their potentially addictive nature.[58][59]

Gee, i wonder why i often see this theme played out on all the blogs i see. Reward based system. Much like a dog and clicker training for a treat.

Yes, all men are dogs. The ladies were actually right for a change 😉

Imagine if they were rewarded in another way for having been productive members of society and had a greater choice of mating options before they discovered that video games don’t nuclear reject you, don’t leave you or cheat on you and won’t take half your stuff. Yes, they produce a good stimulating challenge but it’s not insurmountable and the payoff is worth it. Not to mention if you fuck up, you can respawn and figure out what you did wrong relatively quickly and learn without wasting a ton of valuable time and resources or get chewed out for trying to get to the finish line as quickly as possible to serve your needs.

This also caught my eye:

Ferguson, Coulson and Barnett [61] in a meta-analytic review of the research, concluded that the evidence suggests that video game addiction arises out of other mental health problems, rather than causing them.

There was always a chicken and egg battle with people who tried to scapegoat video games as being the cause of problems rather than being a symptom of an underlying problem. Those same type who would point to DOOM or Mortal Kombat and say those video games should be banned because it teaches kids how to be violent and leads them to act out (as was the case of the Columbine massacre) would now be saying that video games are so immerse and awesome, they’re like drugs and better than real life and con kids into spending way too much time on them to the detriment of their own health. I call bullshit.*

Remember the time when mass rampage killings happened across the continent shortly after this game was released? Me neither.

In my teens i played thousands of hours of the most horror inducing video games, with dismemberment, decapitations, zombie infestations, unlimited ammo, vehicular manslaughter, etc… and i would say those games actually PACIFIED me and kept me from doing real harm to the real world as it became an outlet for my AFC‘ism.

Video games, like movies are an ESCAPE from the real world. Most people use it as a quick break from the morass that is daily life. Others use it as a crutch. *Now i called bullshit on it being a drug capable of creating a mass of zombies addicted to video game from first play, and i used myself as the example. But there will always be some for whom the real world offers nothing to offer worth living for and fall into the same pattern drug users do, where their lives are so empty and have no meaning that the high of the escape from the real world is all they seek. If it wasn’t video games, it would be something else. Video games may be the addiction, but they aren’t the cause of it? And what will be the cause of rising video game deaths?


I am predicting that the more hypergamy is unleashed and short term mating becomes the norm amongst women who want to share the alpha’s, and as more beta’s discover more quickly with the advent of the internet how they are being played and ignored into incell-hell, they’re either going to learn game to get in on the action or unwilling/unable to try, they will escape it. How they choose to escape is anyone’s guess.. but i see this becoming the next drug of choice. I have seen guys loose interest in attaining sex/approaching the opposite sex/simply caring about anything to do with the opposite sex getting high on weed and pot. The great escape of feeling happy and mellow. Well this is just the next evolution, a means of taking their frustrations out on simulated avatars and racking up trophy awards and peer recognition for their 1337 status, pwning abilities and MMORPG game ranking in the top 500 in the world.


Alpha’s will be dying in their mid 50’s from oversex, satiating all the craven desires of their tempestuous lust ridden hypergamous harem women. But what a way to go eh’

Women will dying in old age, alone, surrounded by cats, maybe ending up on the news as the grizzly store of her body being the only source of food for 80 cats brings some levity. But what a way to go eh’

Nothing to see here.. move along.

The poor downtrodden and invisible masses of men who decide to go their own way will live a life of contentment, learning, creating, and doing for themselves without stress or anxiety. They may even become alpha in the process by different means and will carry that earlier hatred of being ignored ready to use it as a ‘how do you like me now, go fuck yourself’ boomshot to the head of entitled bitches. They will die much higher above the national life expectancy for men, happy with what they accomplished and did for themselves by making themselves priority number 1. But what a way to go eh’

And there will be the minor sect of MGTOW who will burn their lives away on the digital drug, and die alone in internet cafes or in front of their ps3’s and xbox’s due to immobility and poor health. But they will die happy knowing they have a 17-1 kill ratio in Call of Duty MW3, or completed the latest Skyrim quest by slaying the Ice Dragon. Sure, they may not have died slipping their dick into a possible breeding ground of incurable gonorrhea or HIV factory, but they did die doing something they loved.

But what a way to go eh?


  1. Women have no idea they make men so miserable.

    And hey, I play Call of Duty. I’d love a 17- 1 kill ratio. I preferred Black Ops.

  2. Carolina.. where you live.. does it lie directly under the tail end of a rainbow?

    Seriously. When the next Black Ops comes out, i will need to get your gamertag 🙂

  3. LOL Most men waste their minds on sports and video games and what little money they have on beer and women. I on the other hand prefer to improve the mind I don’t have by spending my time reading and what little money I have on my drug of choice: BOOKS. 🙂

  4. Poet, some of us find a way to do both. 😉

    Seriously. I’m poor as shit as an artist, but I make rent, pay my bills, can afford two meals a day (usually), have a gym membership, and going out for drinks at night or at someones house. I get my fun, an occasional girl, and have a bunch of free concert or theatre tickets through people I know. I create art through theatre every day, keep up on about 15 blogs in the sphere, read the news on my phone during travel via public trans, and enjoy the shit out of life. My only regret is that I don’t make enough money to travel.

  5. Heart attacks can be prevented if we just do regular cardio exercises each day and we also watch our diet, avoiding fats. “.,*:


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