A quick thought on Krista Jane Heflin

July 26, 2012

I didn’t know her. I found her blog about 2 months ago (before i started bloggin) and spent a grand total of 1 hour on her site with my mouth agape reading what i thought was either the ramblings of a complete idiot and mentally deranged person (any RadFem fits this profile) OR reading what must have been OBVIOUS SATIRE of feminism to show just where it’s ultimate endgame of female supremacy goes.

I didn’t believe a human being could actually write that kind of shit, so obviously it must have been a parody.. and that’s what i always thought.

Until today. Matt Forney launched into a devastating screed on her today wishing her a happy stay in hell. This was where i first learned of her apparent suicide. A Voice for Men has also put up a story regarding her apparent suicide. For now i’m going to treat this as true, although i have a nagging feeling that there is not enough linkage to a real source to verify this is the case and would hate to see this turn into the biggest pity party stunt ever devised. At that point i really would wish her dead.

So for now this online obituary will have to suffice.

As i said.. before started blogging and had a wordpress account, i wanted to leave comments on her site telling her what a great job she was doing in the comedy business, but couldn’t be bothered to create an account so i didn’t.

But from everything i read, i knew it was 50/50 that either she meant every word of it and was a psychotic mentally ill and unstable female Satan incarnate or a clever girl. It appears to be the former.

I’m not one to piss or dance on someone’s grave, no matter how mad they made me. Her psychosis and mental issues are obviously instrumental to her raves and rants. You can blame a sane person for doing something stupid but you can’t blame a crazy person for being crazy. Yes you must still hold them accountable, just like the Batman Cinema shooter. But there’s no point in asking for the reasons why. Why doesn’t matter. There was no reason. Crazy is crazy. His shooting rampage was crazy, her written words were crazy.

In the end if she is dead, i hope she finds what she was looking for on the other side. If her “final” post is any indication, at least she understood that the problems of her life existed within her alone and that no one else was to blame for them. I feel pity for her, and i take this final farewell column as a refutation of all the RadFem garbage she wrote about.

Refuting her past and radical feminist ideology is the only way forward towards redemption.

RIP Krista.. NOT!


UPDATE: yup, hoax. Little attention whore faked her suicide, and had help from willing accomplices or dupes. She’s beyond batshit crazy. I won’t shed one tear no matter what manner of death she succumbs to. She’s dead to me.


  1. Pretty sure it’s a hoax. Anyone can enter obituaries into the site you and Matt link to.

  2. “and i take this final farewell column as a refutation of all the RadFem garbage she wrote about.”

    Nope. She specifically says she still believes in/wants to do everything she wrote about before, i.e. she has not refuted a thing.

  3. Re: His shooting rampage was crazy, her written words were crazy.

    Crazy nope he just made a different choice than the rest of us. The same thing in him – predatory human nature – is the same thing in me, you and everybody else. Indeed the thing different about him and the average conservative is this: He had the guts to act out and on his fantasies whereas the average conservative votes sociopaths into political office to do the dirty work for them that they are too cowardly to do themselves.

  4. Suicide is a pretty serious thing to fake. If she’s not faking it though I think A Voice for Men and whoever else you mentioned took it too damn far by wishing her a happy stay in hell. Seriously, man, what do you have to gain by spitting on a dead person’s grave? Does it make you feel that much better afterward? (not directed at you, m3).

  5. I have no reason to spit on someone’s grave, but if it was possible to piss all over her ideas themselves I’d do it without hesitation.

    Regardless of someone’s stances on things, I have stopped ever feeling said, sorry, or pity for people that commit suicide. I will help those that ask for help almost every time, regardless of what I actually feel towards the person, as long as they don’t turn into a leeching parasite of negativity.

    As such, I say good riddance to her and her ideas. They were poisonous words full of hate and spite.

    At the same time, I will be sad about the missed potential and opportunity if her last post was true and she was truly recanting and sorry about her hatred. She could have used her influence to try and repair all the damage and hurt she injected into the world.

    But the woman herself? I don’t feel sorry about that loss at all. There are 6 billion other people on the planet, what was so special about her that I should feel sorry for her passing when she opted out, saying that the same bullshit the rest of us go through every day was too much for such a poor, delicate flower as herself? To say I should feel sorry for her is belittling my own strengths of perseverance and my constant struggles in this world. The person that suggests that can do the extra caring in my place, see where it gets them. Meanwhile, I’ll keep living life and squeezing all the rewards and happiness from it I can.

  6. People should see this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HW_5dejoKU

  7. So, I actually went to do some digging. Turns out there are no obituaries or LEGITIMATE news articles in any Minnesota publications under the name “Heflin” or “Krista Heflin”. At least none that have made it online.
    Fake online obituary that can be made and edited by anyone? I think so.


    Also, her YT account was removed by YT, 2 new posts have appeared on her blog. I think this was either an attention thing, or someone hacked her account(s) and made farewell messages.

  8. You’re right.. i can’t find a damn thing either. I really want to see how this plays out. I don’t have an account with A Voice for Men, but i really wish someone would ask Paul Elam to do a story to actually CONFIRM whether she’s dead or not. If she was hacked.. you’d think with her posting frequency she would have said something by now. And all of her ‘friends’ who have confirmed she’s dead.. well you’re right. why isn’t there a real obituary for her? Questions.. need answers.

    Oh and if anyone does ask Paul Elam about this, can they also ask how i can get a PDF of the ‘Had enough of this shit’ poster that has popped up in Vancouver and Edmonton? I wan’t to start posting them up here in T.O.

  9. […] story of Amanda Todd, a young teenager in British Columbia who just took her life. For real. Not a stunt like some other cunt played for an internet audience, but a real […]

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