Too Drunk To Consent?

July 23, 2012

Well Mizz Marcotte.. in a world where all men are rapists and all women are snowflakes, this video makes me confused? Can you explain this for me Amanda? Can you explain this to me SLUTWALK? Can you explain to me why she’s so pissed off with the guy for doing the right thing? And of course if all of that were on video and they did take her back and do her as she asked, and the next morning she had second thoughts and cried rape.. would this video help? Or hurt? Special snowflakes indeed, needing protection from themselves. Questions.. questions that need answers!

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  1. She hates it because it breaks her entitlement bubble. That she’s entitled to sex whenever she wants with whomever she wants. She doesn’t care about the ‘right thing,’ she cares about getting what she wants.

    Video would probably hurt. She’s way too drunk for a jury today to say that she consented. Even if he took her home and waited two hours for her to sober up, or took her home and she jumped in bed with him after he put her on the couch, this would stick in the jury’s minds.

    I’ll be adventurous with women, but not even I would take the risk with her.

  2. This is bad situation for the dudes. My advice: drive her to a police station, sheriff’s office, whatever law enforcement is nearest and drop her ass off.

    She is breaking the law by being that drunk in public, they can hold her until she sobers up.

  3. Maybe, but I’d just kick her out of the car at the police station. I wouldn’t want to be seen with her or let her have my name or number.

    She’s drunk enough and angry enough at getting shot down at the end that I wouldn’t want to risk her claiming sexual assault or anything else. Safest thing these men can do for themselves is exactly what they did do. Use her phone to call the friends, kick her out where you’re at, or drop her off somewhere public (like a taxi stand) and just drive away.

    Crazy women are bad enough. Drunk crazy women just need to be avoided.

  4. One of my male friends (a decent guy) went on an online date with a woman. Their first meeting.

    She got very drunk. She abused the staff at the restaurant, even stood up on the table. That sort of thing. He had to drag her out. Then in the parking lot she grabbed his crotch and gave him the ole “I want to bang you so bad” crap in her drunken slur.

    He grabbed her car keys, threw her in the back of her own car, tossed the keys on her, locked her car doors and drove off.

    A lot of people criticized him, arguing that she could have been attacked her in car, blah blah. I don’t fault him. He’s under no obligation to take that drunk he didn’t know anywhere. God only knows what she’d accuse him of later. He did himself a huge favor.

  5. Yep. Thats exactly how your friend should have treated it.

    Women have shown that they are not obliged to obligatory respect. They’ve said they’re equal, so they want to earn it. And they have the full backing of the state as a safety net.

    As such, not only is it not in our best interest to watch out for them, but any concession of responsibility generally is taken by the state as a show that we should be held accountable for future decisions on her part that are not in any way related to what we agreed to as men.

    So. We leave drunk bitches where we find them. We don’t give them our names or numbers. We don’t do this because we want to, generally we’d desire to help them, but instead because we get fucked over if we do help them.

    And that is the way the world works in a feminist state.

  6. This is why you never give a drunk woman a ride home. The risks of false accusation are too great.

    The laws do not protect men in any way, so men must protect themselves.

  7. I have to agree. Men do have to protect themselves. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it is the way it is.

  8. She’s damn lucky those guys drove her home. I highly doubt that at that point of drunk she was, she would remember being rejected, or even remember getting home. Her friends better have given her a serious talk. The sad part is, serious talks don’t work. People like this keep having people take care of them and help them, and they keep doing it. And that woman looks to be at least 30. I’d half understand it if she were 18, in college for the first time, away from home, and it was her first night drinking (though I’d never, ever gotten that drunk, ever, and I’ve never had a hangover, so I have no fucking idea how people drink that much to get themselves that messed up), but I just don’t understand how a full grown woman can keep doing that and doing that and doing that. Alcoholism?

    I hate drunk people. And my job entails that I run into situations with drunks, and trust me, drunk men can be just as bad, if not more dangerous. I’ve never needed police intervention in handling a drunk woman, but I’ve needed it for handling a drunk male. I freaking hate drunks.

  9. I don’t mind drunks. I mind hammered, ignorant of the world drunks like this.

    Anyways, the didn’t drive her home. They started to drive her to a taxi stand and she had them stop and climbed out before they got there. Smart move on their part

    As for the police station and accusations, she’s drunk enough that I’d worry less about her and more about some cop asking her if the men with her had done anything and grabbing a plate number from cameras outside or something.

    Paranoid? Maybe. But not worth the chance when it also is going out of your way

  10. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve had a male friend questioned by the cops in a situation where a girl had passed out at his house, and he and another girl had to move her and position her so she wouldn’t choke on her vomit and call 911 and do all that stuff, and because the girl had some bruises (presumably from falling, and also from being moved, she was very tall), the police questioned him to see if he had done anything to her. I completely understand where you’re coming from.

  11. […] Drinking it would seem might put you in a position where very bad things can happen to you, no matter how much protestation to the contrary about not deserving it. Imagine if this young harlot ended up in a car full of extremely drunk and horny guys who didn&#8217… […]

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