July 23, 2012

I believe it was Deti who said that when a young woman bonds with a man/marry’s a man, the longer they spend time together, as they grow old the man will always view his wife as the young woman that he holds in his memories. When she ages, all he see’s is the beautiful woman he’s always known. It makes so much sense when coupled with this post. Young women would be wise to understand this to remove the fear of aging and what their hubby’s will think once they hit the wall.

Random Xpat Rantings

Samseau: As a woman ages…

…her beauty declines.
…her personality declines.
…her interest in sex declines.
…her genital functionality (such producing lots of moisture around the pussy) declines.
…her hormones declines.

In short, everything that makes a woman, a woman, declines with age. Older women are less fun to be around, have more hangups about their life and are full of regrets, usually have mad baggage from old relationships, and are insecure with their old, ugly aging bodies.

I don’t try to bang women over 30 unless she throws herself at me, which is less likely than a 21-year old throwing herself at me, since 21 year olds are still in their peak and are therefore more horny.

If this male perspective eclipses the matriarch-centric notion of women maturing into more attractive and interesting people, it will have an effect on the sexual marketplace.

Women would be forced to settle…

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  1. Women don’t have to decline in looks, hormones or sexual interest nowadays. They have developed bio-identical hormone replacement. The old days of taking pregnant’s mares urine for the big pause is over.

    One thing that happens to women is that soon after having kids most develop what I call “The Mommy Syndrome” where they stop being sexual beings and even start speaking down to EVERYONE in mommy-baby talk. “Do you need to make #1 or #2?”

    They no longer dress even remotely sexy, their hair gets chopped off in no particular style. And mommy never get out of this, even when the kids are grown. This has to be a turn-off for the man. After all, he doesn’t want to be married to his mother.

  2. The correct response to this is to simply not allow it. If the man’s desires and preferences aren’t clear in those areas and if he doesn’t put his foot down when it happens, he has no one to blame other than himself when she stops being attracted to him because he lets her talk to him like a child and doesn’t speak up when she lets her feminine looks go to shit.

    Yes, she made a choice. She needs to own that.

    But if he lets her make those choices, he made a choice of inaction as well. He needs to own that too. One was responsibility is not a realistic approach.

  3. Yeah, but try telling a woman she isn’t attractive in some particular way. Good luck with that. Women won’t hear criticism about their physical appearance.

    Although, my husband told me my butt was getting “gushy” and that caused me to religiously go to the gym every other day. I even started lifting free weights to get it in shape. LOL

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