Fuckbot denounces Daniel Tosh

July 22, 2012

Saturday i went out to play paintball with the company i work for. It was awesome and i killed a ton of people. Then i came home and ate a sandwich. Then i felt my eyes get heavy. I was so tired and bruised i simply slipped into bed because it felt like i got smoked by a subway train.

oh shit..

***********TRIGGER WARNING!***********
[the preceding joke contains a reference to suicide by public transport. if you have yourself or any family/friends who have committed suicide by public transport vehicle, please avoid this page.. oh.. too late]

Sometimes it takes comedy and satire to really show the value of all comedy and satire, whether it offends you or not.

The boys of RedLetterMedia (who produced the epic Star Wars prequel trilogy reviews) decided to weigh in on the ‘rape joke‘ controversy  sparked by Daniel Tosh as only great comedians can.

Check it out for yourselves.

Now i absolutely love RedLetterMedia. If you watch all the Star Wars reviews, you’ll see it’s reviewed by a caricature called Mr. Plinkett.

Creepy pizza roll eating, serial woman abducting, ex wife killing, movie critic

Mr. Plinkett would not be able to exist if the forces that are going after Tosh were allowed to succeed. And that would be a fucking tragedy because i think Mr. Plinkett is pure comical genius. Again, i’m not asking you to take my word for it, i’d say go view it yourself HERE, HERE, and HERE, provided you give a shit about Star Wars. If you don’t.. well.. you’re dead to me.

Point is, these guys have a vested interest in defending Tosh and i happen to agree. That doesn’t make me or these guys rapist enablers.. nor are we adding to ‘rape culture’. Bah. I hate that BS term.

As i stated on many other blog comments, and now weighing in myself.. you don’t have to like the jokes a comedian is saying. You can get up and walk out in protest, stop listening, avoid the shows, vote with your feet and your wallet. You may think they’re the sickest jokes imaginable. You may think those who laugh at those jokes are terrible people. That’s your opinion.

But your opinion isn’t a right to prevent artists from creating their craft. No one has a right to not be offended. If you put a limit on one thing, where does the limit end?

And by claiming stupidly that it promotes ‘rape culture’ (i reject it’s existence) and must be stopped for fear of creating a new generation of raping man-beasts who believe society condones their actions or for triggering post traumatic stress in victims.. what other ‘cultures’ must we protect against?

Suicide jokes? Will they promote a casual acceptance of suicide? Jokes about jews? Promote another holocaust perhaps? Jokes about brotha’s will promote the second coming of the KKK?

Someone made a joke about blacks and people laughed. It’s time to mobilize! We’re back in biz!

That’s why this video is so awesome. I’m laughing the whole way through because of how it’s being presented. They target everything, taboo, too soon, off limits. And they show you why it’s so stupid to claim any one thing is ‘OFF LIMITS‘ whereas other things are just a-oh-fucking-k.. provided it’s not you they’re offending.

Artists create. Sometimes you won’t like what they create. You then have the choice to either consume more or walk away.

Free speech. Get used to it. People died for it so you could say things, whether those who died for it agreed with what you say or not.

Now if you don’t mind, i need to go sit in the tub. I just opened my MasterCard bill and feel like i just got anally violated.


addendum 1.

There is a line that is drawn to free speech and it’s incitement. When it can be shown that your words are actually a call to action to perform an illegal act and placing a person to fear for their safety. Tosh’s original rape jokes do not phase me. But if the stories are correct that he began chastise the woman for interrupting his show by asking the audience if they thought maybe she should be raped.. that’s pushing it and not a smart move on his part, no matter how legitimately pissed he was with her. Even knowing the chances were zero that anyone in the crowd would actually rape her there, it was still not right.


addendum 2.

I think everyone understands there’s a big difference between a comedy show where a single comic is attempting to elicit laughs based on carefully constructed jokes that follow a formula of setups, story follow-through and punch-line vs. hosts of a tv show talking glibly about things happening in current society and offering their take on it. And i’d like to use this as an opportunity to point out the difference here.

Tosh was up on stage for one purpose only. To elicit a response from his audience. That’s the nature of being a comedian. You live or die in your business based and getting a reaction. And sometimes it’s better to get a negative reaction rather than nothing at all. Booing is preferable to crickets, because you can work off the boos. Crickets are death. And comics are known to work with edgy material. And at the end of the day, it takes a concerted effort to elicit a response from an audience. That’s why comedy is such a hard business, otherwise people would be lining up to be one.

The same cannot be said of the ladies of The View. They simply are there to give differing opinions about current events. They are more like the old CNN show crossfire. They bounce each others opinions off of each other about the days events in the hopes that the liberal vs. conservative points of view create a climactic clash that is entertaining to the audience, BUT it is simply the ladies opinions. They aren’t there to elicit a response. The response only comes if a majority of their viewers wish to voice their approval over a given point of view during a contentious debate. And this my friends is the crux of the whole situation.

Tosh probed and worked for a response to a ‘rape joke’. The ladies of the view opined about a man having his penis cut off and put in a garbarator. And it wasn’t until Ozzy’s bitch decided to conclude he deserved being sexually abused, physically assaulted and mutilated for the crime of seeing someone else while separated from his ex by saying “He deserved it,” that the audience (made up of predominantly females) VOLUNTARILY clapped and cheered. Oh this was no joke.. this was clearly female nature on display, the collective hive mind laughing in unison because ‘male-abuse-assault-mutilation by female culture’ is a very REAL phenomenon.

And this is why i as a libertarian LOVE free speech. I am so happy that the ladies of the view (and every member of the audience and any lady at home watching who clapped along while her husband watched in disbelief) is that speech allows you to hang yourself with your own words and responses to that speech. I would much rather have speech out in the open to be judged rather than confining it to the dark shadows where only those who know where to look will find it. I am glad the ladies of the view had that freedom to speak of and propagate the idea of crimes against men being hilarious as simply a matter of fact. Not a well constructed, or poorly devised joke, but simply as a matter of daily discourse.

Without freedom of speech, i’d never have believed women could be so cold and indifferent.

Koodo’s to the girl at 3:58 for at least pointing out to the harpies that what they’re doing is ‘male-abuse-assault-mutilation by female culture’.. to which she gets the answer ‘ohhh but it’s different‘.

And the reason i call it ‘male-abuse-assault-mutilation by female culture’?

Because misandry still produces red squiggly marks signifying my spellchecker does not agree it’s a word.


  1. First one was great, last one was SCARY. I so wanted to start laughing and telling rape jokes to those stupid cunts.

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