Advice To A Daughter About Boys

July 16, 2012

More from Deti. I swear he should write a book.. a supplement to the ‘birds and the bees’ talk.

Deti Nation

Taken from Danny’s Deti Advice page with permission. This is the advice Deti would give to his daughter:

Dear daughter,

I know you’ve talked to your mom about boys and sex. Now I want you to listen to me. All of what your mom told you is, I am sure, well and good. But I want to tell you about the nature of men and women. What I am about to tell you is not a judgment about you, about men, or about women. It is about our human natures. It is not good or evil, right or wrong. These are immutable facts of human nature. They cannot be changed or abolished.

Men and women are different. Men want sexual variety. You will appear attractive to many men. To men, most women — including you — will be at least somewhat attractive. But to you, most men don’t show up…

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  1. I address the male invisibility issue here:


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