The Comedy of Female Hypergamy

July 15, 2012

As i’ve said in the past, marriage, or more importantly, ANY LTR.. why would any man try for it? If you have to qualify and barter for it, when the majority are so likely to jump on the celebrity dick at a whim, all you do is prove you’re second best. It’s Briffault’s Law on steroids. I’m sure there are a couple of NAWALTs in the crowd.. but this is very demonstrable behavior time and again.

The Chase

Recently I witnessed a wonderful example of female hypergamy. Really, I could not have come across a more textbook or vivid demonstration of female sexuality in its most raw, primitive and opportunistic form.

I belong to a gym, and every summer a certain celebrity shows up for a few weeks to work out at our gym. Apparently he owns a house in a nearby county and finds our gym a good place to work out. I will not give the name of the celebrity, but I will say he is well known, has starred in some popular movies, mostly action, and has an athletic past. When he goes to the gym he tries to stay pretty much incognito, and most of the regulars there such as myself leave him alone to do his work out. It is clear he does not want to be bothered, although he is always friendly…

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  1. A woman in the presence of an apex alpha male is like a teenage boy surrounded by naked swimsuit models covered in honey.

    You see the same thing from the women at the Obama rallies. They just can’t control themselves.

  2. Deti has spoken about this at great length and i’m in that camp as well. Women of varying social status’s for the most part exhibit the same trait or at least the ability to toy with the idea of giving it up to the top Alpha for nothing more than the act of sex itself, whereas they REQUIRE so much more from a lesser man (beta) in terms of provisioning and status just for the luxury of sexual access. And even then.. if the HAWT ALPHA is hot enough, and the poor beta is too busy working his 12 hour day bringing home the bacon for the huge house and renovations she requested.. then she will employ.. oh how does Susan term it.. SHORT TERM MATING STRATEGY and rawdog the alpha while hubby is away.

  3. Nice find M3.

  4. Roosh tweeted this article a few weeks ago. Similar to Racer X’s story but even more scary.


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