Google Chrome knows fathers actually care

July 12, 2012

Good job Google. Glad to see you didn’t make him out to be an idiot, but a caring devoted father.

Need more ads like this.

Because we all understand the vital role they play, not the media manufactured one that i endured in sitcoms through my adolescence.

  1. Fathers as important to kids’ development as moms, says study

    Calgary Herald – 14 Jun 2012
    “In many instances, fathers are as important developmentally as mothers. Across decades of studies, with a total 10943 adults and children,

    Daddy dearest? Fathers equally important —or more — to kids’ as ‎ Vancouver Sun
    Study: Father’s Day Must Be Every Day – Critical For Child’s ‎ Israel News Agency
    Sorry mom, but a father’s love may be more important to kids: research‎ National Post
    all 93 news articles »

  2. Fathers who parent well are key to children developing persistence

    Deseret News – 14 Jun 2012
    Fathers who parent well are key to children developing persistence that an authoritative father is important to teaching children how to hang

    Fathers Help Their Children Develop Persistence, Study Shows‎ Huffington Post
    Persistence Is Learned from Fathers, Says Study‎ ABC News
    Dads and the Power of Persistence‎ Care2.com (blog)
    Indian ExpressDaily Disruption
    all 53 news articles »

    Deseret News
  3. Guest column: Society should return to acknowledging the important

    Shelby Township Source Newspapers – 15 Jun 2012
    But beyond the fault of absentee fathers, there seems to be a trend in …. plays a necessary and irreplaceable role in a child’s development.

    KRUK: Dads needed on Father’s Day‎ Washington Times
    Here’s some Father’s Day advice from a dad‎ GoErie.com
    A tribute to fathers‎ Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch
    Chippewa HeraldDeseret News
    all 790 news articles »

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