Arrrr there be a shift in the wind matey’s!

July 10, 2012

Commercials like this are all too common. I’m sure most of you would agree.

In fact all you have to do is go to YouTube and type in ‘misandry commercials’ and you’ll see a Tsunami of dedicated MRA video’s chronicling the last few decades and still prevalent trope of the idiot man/dad who cannot do a single thing right. Growing up into young adolescence when Tim Allen’s ‘Home Improvement’ was regular after high-school TV fare solidified this trope in the minds of many men. Idiot male, defer to the females wisdom.

I’m Tim’s the “TOOL”man Taylor’s personal Mangina!

Thankfully.. times are a changing.

There has been some massive push back as of late from many men/fathers who are tired of being cast as the village idiot. Huggies was one such company that was on the receiving end of a coordinated assault by fathers groups against their obvious fem-centric misandrist view of men. And rightly so.

Which brings me to an ad I saw around Christmas time late last year. It’s from a company i rather despise actually, which is why it made me take note that much more.

Let me first introduce to you the 3 great evils here in Canada.

The Shadowlords of Britannia.  They go by the names of:

  • Faulinei (Rogers), the Shadowlord of Falsehood
  • Astaroth (Telus), the Shadowlord of Hatred
  • Nosfentor (Bell), the Shadowlord of Cowardice

The Telecom companies of Canada.

Ok so i’m getting a little dramatic here. It’s been years since i played Ultima V and really wanted to convey my feelings properly to these demons of the underworld.

The names are apt tho. Rogers lies to you all the time, Telus hates their customers and Bell is so cowardly in handling customer complaints that it’s outsources all of it’s support tech over to India.

Rogers is the least of the 3 evils.. and they gained some points with me as of late. I got a good deal from them for a 1 year renewal, they managed my phone fiasco a few years back by replacing my Android HTC G1 with an HTC Magic over the 911/GPS update that cut off data service to customers who had unaffected phones, and for their refusal to maintain an update cycle for the Android OS. This could be the basis of a whole post, but you can just visit this site to read about it yourself if you’re bored out of your tree.

But i digress.. i have gone woefully off track. So back on point after the jump.

So it’s 2011, and Christmas is rolling along…

Merry Christmas guys!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, except for my mouse,
Flipping through channels to find something to view,
I spotted a commercial, and my blood pressure grew,
Anticipating  dad to be played as a moronic twit,
I was pleasantly surprised.. they had changed up the script!

Watch for yourself and tell me they’re not onto something…


That’s the problem with starting to write a blog post before actually checking to see if you can find the video and sure enough… YOU CAN’T!

Instead, i’ve only been able to find a 4 second clip from that commercial… but it tells the whole story, so let me set it up for you.
[And if anyone can find me the full 30 second spot… I will love you forevere, no homo]

So here’s how the commercial goes down. Mom and Dad are at the table wrapping gifts for the kiddies talking about all the sweet tech they swooped up from Rogers at such a great price. They got phones and plans for the kiddies, the PVR/cable box… and this SWEET Samsung Galaxy Tablet for free thrown in!

At which point mom turns to dad and says something to the effect of “Which would make a great present for mommy!” giving him that face that we’ve all become accustomed to, you know the “I have the pussy so i make the rules” face.

So here i am thinking OH GOD… of course he’s going to defer to her, it’s a given. Well he does actually, he looks at her and sheepishly but unconvincingly says ‘OOOOHH…. of course dear…

at which point he looks back towards the viewer and does this

While i wouldn’t call it a solid blow for men’s rights, and i do recognize that men make up the majority of purchasing decisions regarding tech/media entertainment in the household.. I still do think the commercial raises hope that men stop being so pansy assed in commercials, or show they have their own interests to serve first. (let the women grab their pitchforks i say.. come at me brah!)

As a final note.. as Rogers commercials have become more prevalent.. the male role occupied by the same actor has transformed from a somewhat immature guy to a strong family man portrayal in these ads. At the very least, it’s a start. Bell i will hate for an eternity no matter what they advertise. I love Telus’s animal commercials but their constant support of the PINK campaign to fight breast cancer and supporting The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers which i oppose vehemently on lack of gender equality issues, especially when women’s cancers already get the bulk of donations… force me to hate Telus too.

Now if only Rogers could actually make the Toronto Maple Leafs a successful team again instead of a laughing stock.. maybe i’d love them?

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  1. Jesus – look at the faces of those Santa Claus chicks. Look in their eyes.

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