So you waited to have a baby so you could have your fun

July 8, 2012

..and now you got baby rabies and the clock is pounding.

And you think i’m going to answer that call?

Or any guy for that matter?

Just spotted this video over at SCAR TISSUE… running off the pop fluff sensation sweeping the nation, this parody had me on the floor spinning around like Homer Simpson going Whoooowhooohwhoowhoooowhooowhooo! It’s things like this that tell me everyday a few more people are becoming aware of the fempocalypse. The best part of the video is her on dating sites and her dates saying ‘NO WAY’.

That’s my fave too. Seeing posts on OKC or POF of women in their late 30’s with status’s of “Wan’ts children” and talk of settling down… i’m sorry, I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING.

Watch and enjoy.

Click to view video

ps-i’ve made a commitment to myself the only way i’ll ever have a child is if i hook up with a chick 25 years old from a european country with a tight frame and long legs and i get 4 full years of awesome sexing before i consider it seriously. Most likely Poland. I won’t marry here, not with the law as it stands.


    Long life RooshV and his expeditions!

  2. My mom has been saying Poland for months now, Roosh just validated it. I was there 2 years ago when i was married and i noticed it’s a different culture and ethic. Women are strong and powerful, but they perform the functions of the female. They get the concept of ‘behind every great man stands a great woman’. They can stand up to the guys, but won’t bludgeon them or nag them or try to be ‘men’ in the relationship. They simply know their nature and their roles.

    I think it’s the water in North America. It makes women act like men and men act like women. So i’ve started to drink nothing but Mott’s Clamato and vodka!

  3. Do Poland man. Seriously, I’ve started looking at what theatres are out there that I can apply to for a job/career/internship. Anything that would get me out there.

    Also, I shared the video on my facebook. I’m excited to see the response. Hilarious.

  4. Put a caption to that video:

    “What every carousel rider thinks if she’s honest.”

    My mission is to put a Q36B Space Hamsterlator in the hands of every manosphere reader. That way when they hear this from a carousel rider:

    “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

    They’ll know what she means is this:

    “I’ve spent 10 years on the carousel f**king douchebags who made me so hot I couldn’t stand it. But for reasons I just have never been able to figure out, none of them would marry me. But I can’t concern myself with that anymore. Right now my bio-clock is roaring in my ears like a freight train and I need a man because I Need. To. Make. A. Baby. So I guess you’ll haffta do, until someone better comes along.”

  5. Oh yeah, and I’m running out of time and options. So hurry up and get me to the church, ’cause it’s Babymakin’ time, betaboy.

  6. Do you know the language or are you going to jump in cold turkey immersion style? Fortunately the major tourist centers like Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk are all heavy english speaking to be able to do business, and all the youngsters are mandated to learn it now as well. Fresh kitty speaks fluent anglais hehe.

    Still tho, i want to be able to learn how to ‘think’ in Polish, not just recite it.

    Not sure what they have in terms of theatre work out there, but i know they’re always looking for ‘English’ tutors. My friend did that in Korea for 4 years.. taught at an all girls school oh my. Needless to say, he has NO regrets.

  7. I think this song should become the Anthem for the manosphere!

  8. Thanks for the linkage, kind sir.

  9. You are most welcome. I love sharing the link love!

  10. Dunno. It’s something I’m looking into on the periphery. Poland has some good theatre, but I have no idea how hard it would be for me to get a job there. I’m guessing difficult.

    I would go immersion though. I’ve learned that I can pick up on languages fairly quickly if I am forced to practice every day (and living there would do that) but that, if I try and do it on my own time I never get there.

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