Tell me again why I should do marriage 2.0?

July 5, 2012

Friend posted this to my facebook timeline today. I thought it was priceless!


I view the internet as the high seas of fortune, and there are currently 2 pirate Captains sailing these waters with equally sound advice. There’s the Cappy Cap who’s “Enjoying the Decline” and the other Cappy who gives you all the reasons why marriage today is simply the ultimate form of piracy, larceny, rape, pillage and plunder of all your hard earned swag and booty.

When i saw this pic i instantly thought of my Canada Day Post because i don’t have to make my purchasing decisions using my own money through a 2nd rate nagging accountant.

This pic reminded me why right now… LIFE. IS. GOOD.

On a side note, i just realized today that all of my fingernails have grown back. All of’em. I can actually get some scissors and a nail file and get to work on these bad boys. I haven’t had this opportunity in years! Years of dealing with stressful women made me chew right down to the cuticle. I’m sure my braces are what actually forced me to stop, but the timing is too convenient to be a coincidence lol!

It’s amazing what happens when you remove all the stressful elements from your life and never bother with the old toilet seat bullshit eh’

Still waiting for my hair to grow back. Fingers crossed 🙂


  1. I’ve said it before and this post reminds me again that for a woman time away from a relationship is a death sentence but for a man it’s a freakin vacation.

    Great post and this is an awesome perspective that many young aspiring PUA’s just don’t fucking understand due to the lack of life experience. And no, sticking your schlong in a warm hole on a regular basis does not constitute life experience. Posting in field pick up videos of a few successful closes (all the while editing out the FAILS that it took to reach that point) does not take the place of life experience.

    This is a perspective that emanates from having stared down the barrel of divorce rape and having had to face the deep dark abyss war in this battlefield we dub “love”.

  2. Great point you bring up about the PUA close/fail ratio. Captain Capitalism talked heavily on that during his days as a guy who put in heavy duty to get the ‘tall cool drink’ on his arm. Also, i have a post coming up (several actually) about my brother, who was a hybrid mix of PUA/MGTOW. He could get pussy when he required it but did not make it his life mission, nor did he stress over it. He marched to the beat of his own drum.

    If you’re whole life devolves into how much pussy you can get and bray about it to the point of bragging for bragging sake.. you’ve lost some perspective on what it means to live.

  3. Hey, I find your blog through Captain No-Marriage, but I am a regular reader of Captain Capitalism. Small world it is! 😀

  4. I *found* your blog I meant.

  5. I found some of the PUA stuff pretty interesting, mainly guys like DeAngelo, Roosh and of course the first book I read was “The Game”.. I enjoyed being able to look back at my successes and failures and see why each of them happened, it was like a football team reviewing last week’s game footage. However I by no means live what most would call a PUA lifestyle where I go out 5-7 nights a week or something crazy like that. Looking forward to your posts about your brother.

  6. I don’t mean to throw the PUA’s and gamers under a bus. If it wasn’t for them and everything they’ve managed to prove with their theory and evo.psych.. we be worse off. Sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omlet. It’s just not the lifestyle for me, and some new PUA’s take it to an absurd chest thumping level. But whatever floats their boat i wont tell them what to do. It’s just not for me to run hardcore game like that. That’s why MGTOW fits me better, i pursue my own concerns and inner growth over chasing bar skanks. Living is more important than trying to score pussy at all costs. And i’d rather do a 7 whom i actually like vs. a HB9 who might stick a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my bluray player. I’m more quality over quantity type myself.

    Thanks for the interest on my bro. I’ll have it up soon, just need to rework it till i get it right. I want to make sure i get it right before i publish it.

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