July 4, 2012

Reading dating profiles of women in their 20’s talking about their careers and having fun, then reading profiles of women in their late 30’s talking about looking for their partner in crime and wanting to settle down… this comment is SOO applicable. That and i think the NIssan GTR is a fucking sweet car.

Chateau Heartiste

Jodark makes a very good suggestion for men thinking about marrying older careerist broads.

If I were considering wifing a middle-aged career woman, I would insist upon a dowry sizable enough to put a 50% down payment on a bitchin’ sports car (probably a new Nissan GTR).
I would consider it compensation for her wasting her young sex and beauty on fucking shitbag artists and musicians.

As the cryptically great GBFM might say: lzolzozlzol why would i pay for curdled milk when other men got her younger, hotter, tighter for free lzzol?

Good question. And one that women in general, and feminists especially, don’t want you asking yourself.

I predict Peak Wall Victim Marriage coming this decade. At some point, enough well-off men will tire of neglecting their primal urges to fuck and love young, nubile babes and will begin to abandon the SWPL-acceptable life path of marrying older, overeducated…

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  1. Hah! Good luck. I would really laugh about it though if it ever happened

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