Meet your modern empowered liberated woman. Thank you Feminism!

July 3, 2012

I can see why the banks were so quick to fuck average people over.

I can see why the 1% want to keep getting wealthier.

They don’t want to share feminism’s greatest achievement with the rest of society.

Feminism obliterated the shackles of sexual promiscuity and shaming. It empowered women to not only work hard to be able to earn any job they wanted (you know, plumber, sanitation, oil rigs, garbage woman, construction, etc..) but they also  empowered them to work hard on their backs and embrace the idea that accepting money from a man as ‘a private donation’ isn’t really prostitution.. it’s just a ‘gift‘. That’s how escorts advertise. You’re paying for their ‘time’. Uh huh.


You know, i don’t know what’s worse. I really don’t.

These blood sucking leaches at the top who will fuck their own mothers over to squeeze an extra buck of profit, usually over the backs of hard working people, just so they can shove it into the panties of some tight little whore.. OR the whores that drive these spineless cockless motherfucking assholes to actually succumb to the power of the V and PAY these skanks? I mean a girls gotta eat right? And cash in while the body still has the goods…

[Full disclosure: I was once that cockless motherfucker. Back in my wasted incel youth, i had tons of disposable cash and took lots of strippers for dances. Lowest point of my life really. But i never paid for sex. The strippers i nailed gave it without expecting coin.]

Whenever i think of guys with that attitude i picture this:

Oh, you have a vagina and a tight body? Here, let me dump tons of cash all over you because it’s easier for me that way.

My brother had many great nuggets of wisdom he shared over the course of his life. One was about the entitlement attitude of women who get by on their looks alone. He hated this city for it, the pussy beggars who inflate the ego’s of shitty women who don’t deserve to breathe the same air i do. He nailed it succinctly for me one day and said:

These fucking whores.. think they’re all that. If guys had one ounce of brains in them, they’d keep their dicks and their wallets in their pants. Then what? How these dumb bitches going to fend for themselves? If every guy in this piece of shit city had even a scrap of dignity, and told these bitches to go to hell, you watch how fast they start crying a different tune. They’d be itching at the chance to gobble your cock for a sandwich and bus fare instead of thinking they’re worth $1000 a night. Dignity.. this city’s lacking it.

I loved his vernacular.

But his point was more far reaching than he imagined. His love of country girls outside of the metropolitan Sodom & Gomorrah (aka Toronto nightlife) was built primarily due to his dealings with city women who’s ego’s had been pumped up and stoked to bewildering heights. He was a male exotic dancer and routinely had to deal with the female side of it, listening to how the girls enjoyed fleecing their ‘clients’, and saying how hard they ‘worked’ for it, and that they deserve only the best because they’re so damn hawt. If every guy just STOPPED (mgtow).. where would these Scarlett’s go and what would they do to survive? Use their untapped brain power and think of a way out?

But even then… at the very least, you can at least say they’re honest about their dealings. They’re rippers, they take their clothes off for money. They do dirty things in the back for more money.

Same for prostitutes. They are unabashed. They admit they do what they do is for money. Even to the cops.




Looking to sugardaddy up? Well that’s ok see. Feminism didn’t work hard just to empower women to become teachers and rocket scientists and chemists and HR directors alone. It empowered them to pay off their student loans by selling their bodies to the richest bidder to jet set them on a boat by an island and fuck them like crazy for the weekend. Do it online and you’re a sugar baby. Do it on the street and you’re in lockup for the weekend till the court opens on Monday.

The difference is semantics.


I really hope MGTOW as a movement really takes root and thrives. Of course men of means are free to spend their money however they see fit. I just happen to think spending it on a woman for sex just demeans you as a person and you’re killing 2 sad birds with one stone. Emasculating yourself, and pumping up the ego of some bitch who thinks of you as an ATM and hopes you finish fast so she can collect her cheque and go off to her next sugardaddy. Don’t be that guy. Build a home for the homeless, give to a worthy cause. Anything except upping a woman’s entitlement attitude. Every skank on those sites is not worth .02 cents.

One comment

  1. The “Sugar baby” thing is prostitution, plain and simple. People who do it because prostitution is illegal where they are and they think this does not count may be in for a nasty surprise. If the girl actually charges per-session (as some do), it’s open-and-shut.
    I rather suspect that actual rich guys a) know the law and b) don’t need to troll for barely-legal poon on the nets. Oh and c) the stories about girls meeting rich, successful guys are simply lies.
    It’s the stupid college girls being ripped off, here. Not the guys.

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