Happy Canada Day and unplugging

July 1, 2012

Just a quickie.

First and foremost to all my fellow Canucks in Canadastan

Grab your beers and enjoy the festivities and embrace your long weekend.

To my US friends.. i hope you get Monday off as well 😉

As to unplugging… i took Gnosis advice to take a step back for a bit and get out there and relax. Coming up with posts day in day out can suck the will to live out of you if all you ever type is about the shit the world is swimming in. So instead i’ve been following up some pursuits, been working on some wedding photos i put on the back burner, played in goal for my company soccer team (and got the shutout on 8 shots). All in all quite enjoyable.

On another note, my old computer finally bit the bucket. The heat from this summer finally did her in. One of the sweet realizations of no being tied down to a woman or having to spend on a woman, or having to finance a woman’s endeavors in any way, shape or form is that i did not have to ask for permission, nor think twice about walking into the local TigerDirect outlet and plunk down $700 on a sweet ass quad-core system. If i wanted to buy a gaming rig i could have but i don’t play Diablo 3. This system kicks ass at photoshop and video editing which is all i require from it. Disposable income unto myself. I love it.

So with all that said, i’ll be back to posting soon enough. But until then, grab your Molson, or Warsteiner or whathaveyou, raise your glass and yell out ‘I AM CANADIAN’.. or whatever you feel comfortable with.


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  1. […] i saw this pic i instantly thought of my Canada Day Post because i don’t have to make my purchasing decisions using my own money through a 2nd rate […]

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