Reverse the genders of a story and what do you see?

June 28, 2012

Pictured: Engaged cheerleading coach, 22, ‘who performed sex act on teen basketball player in her car’

Pictures have emerged showing the cheerleading coach accused of performing oral sex on a 17-year-old student kissing her fiance and partying with friends ahead of her arrest.

Megan Crafton, 22, handed herself in to police on June 15 after the teenage boy, who was on the school basketball team, told officers about the liaison in the parking lot of a grocery store in January.


You know… someone wrote a post somewhere on the manosphere about this kind of behavior by female teachers, authority figures, etc.. not being an epidemic.

It might not be, but it’s becoming a helluva lot more frequent.

But that’s not the issue.

The issue is if it was a man instead of a woman.. feminists would be going wild, and the justice system would be coming down on his head, and the media would eviscerate him.

But a hot chick does it… well.. lucky boy.

Double standards, how i do love’m.


  1. It pisses me off – but what really pisses me off is the lack of acknowledgement or awareness. Part of me wants to root for criminalizing this teacher, part of me wants to laugh at it.

    Criminalizing the teacher = because a male teacher doing the same would be criminalized. It’s a this for that. Want equality? suck it.

    But in truth – we know the 17 year old guy feels lucky. And she’s not a criminal, int the same way that a 24 years old guy banging a 17 years old girl isnt necessarily a criminal.

    So how would you handle this? Im torn.

  2. You are right. It’s basically mindset vs. equality under the law. Realistically, yea the guy probably feels like king of the world. There are most likely lots of girls who would love to get banged (or at least send that signal to) by their hot guy teacher and enjoy it. But the intent of the law is to prevent those in a position of power (teachers) from putting pressure on impressionable (and damageable) youths who might be to young to handle it, or would do it where they normally wouldn’t because of that position of trust. And for the law to work, it has to apply to both genders equally. So if a girl feels like she was forced upon by a male teacher, a man has the same right to that protection, EVEN if he feels lucky. If she wanted to blow the guy in the car, she should have resigned her position first and it would be legal Stegal.

    Course i really wish my Grade 9 science teacher felt that way about me… oohhhh lordy.

  3. One of my classmates banged our english teacher in a hotel room after the prom. She was late thirties or something I guess, looked quite good and had great breasts.

    A girl in the same school also blew one of the male teachers when she was 17.

  4. Thanks for swinging by !

    Re: your comment, what I wouldn’t give knowing what I know now to have a neighbor called Doc Brown.

  5. The thing that makes me laugh is that she’s still engaged with some guy who got AMOG’d by a 17 year old high school student.

    Really man. What the fuck are you doing letting those lips touch you after they’ve been around 17 year old cock that was declared better than yours?

  6. Agreed. I just want to see consistency in the application of law across gender lines. In this situation either a teacher is a criminal or a teacher isn’t. Honestly I don’t even really care which as long as the outcome is the same for men and women.

  7. I dunno, here in Norway we have a “gender neutral” law that criminalizes purchase of sex. But we know what gender is actually hurts! Don’t be fooled by the so-called “equality” of punishment. This is why I’d rather not cheer when 20-something women go to jail for having sex with teenage guys (or when genders are switched)

  8. Hey if men sleep around, then they’re men. If women do, they’re sluts.

    You promote this double standard. Don’t bitch about the ones that don’t favor men then. It’s a double (standard) edged sword.

  9. Stormy.. you just never cease to amaze me.

    This isn’t about a double standard. It’s a criminal matter and about equal application of the law. There is no law legislating sex between consenting adults. Last i checked 17 years old was a minor ergo no consent can be given.

    Get that through your head. Or perhaps you would agree well aged males in the teaching profession should deflower their teenage students?

    Your bipolar is showing.

    And yeah, if men sleep around, women love them and want them even more than the 40 year old virgin. It’s called pre-selectiong and it’s what your sex demands and what our biology strives for. When you sleep around, it takes all the effort of batting an eyelash, as skillful as shooting fish in a barrel. A woman’s inability to control gluttonizing on sex and new fucking adventures with random men shows the same self control as a pig feasting at the trough.

    Men have to spend years investing in weights to look fit and muscular, education to become smart, fight against other men for job positions, work hard to attain wealth and project their status, continually fall and pick themselves up again after each rejection, and earn enough victories to sustain confidence all in the hopes of being able to get the girl. All a woman has to do is maintain her figure by not eating like a pig and slap on some makeup to achieve it’s opposite. So yeah, we get to call women sluts and high 5 guys who made it big.

    When you can do what’s hard to accomplish (for most of my gender), you get high fived. When you do what anyone can do(of your gende) it’s not an achievement worthy of celebration, rather revulsion.

    Doing the hard thing is hard for a reason.
    Doing the easy thing is easy for a reason.

    Man>sleeps with multiple women. High 5.
    Woman>manages to reach age 25 with under 5 partners. High 5.

    Man>virgin at 40 (as feminists would say) creepy unattractive loser who can’t get laid.
    Woman>sleeps with 40 men before she’s 25 (as the manosphere will say) uncontrollable cock gobbling slut who views her self worth only through being sexually validated.

    Deal with it.

  10. We have age of consent laws for a reason. Granted some folks mature quicker than other, but it’s been shown pretty well that teens are stupid as their brains are still maturing and going through all kinds of nonsense.

    We have these laws on the books to allow the majority of teens to grow up without adult concerns (since our lifespans are much greater we don’t force them out to tend the field at 13, go off to defend the frontier at 14, be married off at 15 and pop out a kid at 16). So the law says that as an adult you can’t fuck around with a developing person. After they reach that age, their out of the nest, off ya go.

    And that law does not hinder the purchase of sex, only the age of the puchasee. Here in Canada, we are discussing making brothels legal, which would be great for both hard up men, and the women who enjoy their ‘profession’ and want to work in safer environments.

  11. It doesn’t prevent them from having sex with each other though. We simply let parents regulate that. I’m not sure a teen will do less damage to another teen. And your link says this:
    “Current science indicates that our brains take 25 years to mature.”
    For now, I will have to disagree with you that sex with adults is so special it hurts stupid teens more than say, sex with other teens, or sports where you might fall and break your neck. I looked up a study saying women who start sex early are less easy to stress. It might be a reverse causation, but at least they are not nervous wrecks.

  12. Ah, but there is a difference. One is a thing enforced by law (which is supposed to be fair), the other is a collection of people’s personal beliefs and preferences. Law must be fair, but what people think of us is not obligated to be fair and unbiased (it would be nice, but just not an obligation we can force on them). I don’t really have anything against promiscuous women, but I know why the sexual double standard is like it is.

  13. Speaking of THIS double standard.. i think I know why it’s like that. Sex is something in which women are more vulnerable. A man can walk away from casual sex feeling good much more easily. For him, sex has a higher value. A woman doesn’t get quite as much from pure sex (no relationship, nothing in return). So there is much bigger possibility a woman will regret it. I know I might get bashed for this, but I think male sexuality has a bigger potential to damage a woman than female sexuality can damage a man (women are more damaging when they get close to your soul though). It’s not the fault of the men. It’s not fair and should never be a basis for a law, but it’s a fact and this is why articles like these exist:

  14. The age of consent varies from state to state. In some states it’s as low as 16.

    My comment wasn’t an argument AGAINST the sexual double standard, so I don’t really see why you need to post a long rambling angry post about it. I really don’t give a fuck, thanks.

    What I’m wondering is why you get so angry about it. The difference in the LAW is due to the presence of the sexual double standard. That’s why it would be unacceptable, predatory even, for a man to do this to younger girls. It’s not as unacceptable for a woman to do this BECAUSE of the sexual double standard. The same sexual double standard you’re fighting to uphold IS the reason for this “injustice.” This young boy is clearly a pimp. Whether for better or for worse, men can only consent to sex, lack of consent does not exist. Women’s sexuality isn’t seen as predatory. You don’t hear of women raping men. You do hear of men raping women.

    That’s why the law is different. If you want the law to change, then you might want to consider how dissonant this is with your beliefs.

    That’s all I was saying.

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