Millennials are screwing up more than just the SMP

June 28, 2012

I have no faith for the human race. It was already bad enough with many of my own generation born in the 70’s. With the advent and rapid evolution of both technology and feminism, we have created a generation of parasites.

As the cappy says ‘Enjoy the decline’.


They’re Needy

They’re Entitled

They’re Disloyal

Hit the link to see for yourself.

Millennial workers: Entitled, needy, self-centered?
Reporting on two particular workplace trends has become de rigueur. One, the number of baby boomers preparing to retire, and two, the professional nature of the green twentysomethings poised to fill the desk chairs of their predecessors.


  1. Disloyal? Disloyal??!! These bastards that routinely sack entire divisions of people with wives and kids are having a lower-lip-tremble about disloyalty???

  2. Good point. You won’t get an argument from me about corporate greed and a race to the bottom for the almighty dollar.

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