Just came back from a bachelor party

June 24, 2012

Quick post.

Friend is getting married. Second time. Will wonders ever cease.

Had a long conversation with another good friend of mine while i was there. He married one of those rare ones.. like a unicorn. I know a lot of the shit he’s gone through in the last little while with his mom dying, aging dad, baby brother needing tons of support. And his wife is right there with him, helping out, never bitching. And she loves having sex to the point where he’s the poor bastard that’s tired after a long day.

Someone PLEASE let me have his problems…

But i digress. Point is that he was probably the wrong person to talk to about redpill wisdom because he’s trapped in a Matrix, but in this case the code is uncorrupted and working flawlessly. Might his wife turn on him one day? Who knows. I hope not. They’re good together so i’m holding out hope. In this case i’m praying for NAWALT.

Having said that, i find that redpill wisdom is soooo un-absorbable by men.. even when in an atmosphere devoid of women. I hold myself up as the prime example, of how something can turn on a dime in the blink of an eye..  a 180 if you will. They all say i’m scarred, jaded, that it’s not a good way to live, that i’ll meet someone who’ll change my mind.

Yes folks.. as Cypher said, ignorance is bliss.

This imaginary steak.. just like marriage.. is fucking delicious.

I touched the stove once and it burnt the shit out of me. I don’t care what other men say.. only stupid children touch the stove again while it’s still glowing red hot.

And no one has yet to prove to me that the stove has turned off and the heat dissipated. Turn the fucking stove off first before you start yammering about how it’s ok to touch it now!


Marry a woman.. again? Are you a retardacon?


  1. great post

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