The light at the end of the tunnel. Reproductive equality.

June 22, 2012

The Fempocalypse is upon us folks.. the ability to own your destiny is at hand. Reproductive rights for men within sight!

For too long men have been subject to the whims of women determining the fates of men and using the power of the state to compel men to become parents before they are ready. Women have held the aces since the dawn of the pill and Roe vs. Wade. Women’s casual promiscuity up until then carried real consequences for abdicating their roles as the ultimate gatekeepers. They had the final say in whether sex took place or not because they carried the burden of pregnancy. The pill alleviated it to allow for near risk free fucking. Legalized abortion was the get out of jail free card.

As i stated before in my previous post regarding abortion feminism fought for the rights of women to avoid the natural consequences of sex and allowed women to escape a possible life of hardship or broken dreams by siring a child when ill prepared. It did not matter that women inherently know the ultimate burden fell on them, they wanted the right to fuck like men and enjoy sex wantonly, to which i have no problem with (if you’re giving it up, i wan’t some). Women’s evolutionary roles of guarding the gates and screening only for the best mate for genes, resource gathering and sticking around to provide and protect the offspring went the way of the 8-track and floppy disks because the evolutionary consequence of sex (having something grow inside you for 9 months) were wiped off the risk chart with a thick blob of liquid paper.

Pregnant? What do you mean? I’m a girl.. i can’t get pregnant! Thank god for feminism!

But when the tables are turned, there is no end to the amount of man up shaming and take responsibility for your kid rhetoric that comes towards a man who is following his evolutionary drive to ‘fuck like a man‘. Remember, this is a man’s primary purpose in biology, since the dawn of our species his role has been to fuck and carry his genes forward and continue his lineage. The fact that our evolution of society has outpaced our evolution caveman biology is the only reason we are in the shit state that we are in. It is our societal and cultural evolution that shames men for acting on our primary programming.

Women are encouraged to fuck freely, cast of the shackles of patriarchal sexual oppression and liberate their vagina’s to explore as many cocks as possible. And i wouldn’t mind, so long as i get a piece of that action 🙂 but the killer here is that women in today’s culture are cast as empowered and the hero of the story. Women are supposed to enjoy all the fruits of being a healthy sexual being unencumbered and uninhibited. It’s Sex and the City on steroids.

Contrast that in sharp relief to what men deal with today. Those fortunate enough to be in the top percentile  of the Pareto_principle who have women throwing themselves on their cocks feast on it, the rest live in suffering silence, a sexual drought. Yet all men are cast in the same light. “All men think with their dicks” they say. “Men are just horndogs, you should want a woman for her brains, not just her pussy” they say. “All they ever want is sex, disgusting animals all of them are” they say. One might say this is projection at it’s absolute zenith.

Yohami writes an absolutely wonderful evisceration of this kind of thinking here with regards to approach anxiety.

“Men are trained to be ashamed of their sexual desires.”


“It’s interesting that in comparison, women are trained that they should be put on a pedestal, and to take care of their “apparent” sexual desire, to look more slutty or more chaste… Or, I dont think I have heard a “woman, you should be ashamed of your sexual desires”.

So this all comes back full circle. Women want to behave like men and have all the options to avoid the responsibility that comes with those actions, but men acting as men do naturally, well that’s criminal.

Woman feeling lonely because she hasn’t slept with a man in 3 months? No probs… go out and fuck some random dude for “FUN”. Who cares about his character, if he’s a stand up guy or a thug, whether he’ll stick around or not if you get preggers. You’re on the pill.. or you used a condom. If all that fails, you still have the final out.. abortion. Or you can keep it. All the options are yours depending on the prevailing winds of the day. After all, letting him stick his dick inside you was not tantamount to you becoming a mother against your will right?

Guys feeling lonely and his ball sack is full because he hasn’t been with a woman in over a year. You pathetic loser you. Couldn’t get a woman if you tried. Oh wait, you did fuck someone? You sick beast, all you ever want to do is use women.. don’t you know they’re people too? You fucked her the first night you met her? You manwhore! You didn’t even get to know her? Wait.. what? She’s pregnant? Oh man… she said she was on the pill.. and you didn’t use a condom? Oh you did, but the condom broke! Is she going to abort? No… oh well sucks to be you dude. You should have thought about that before you decided to have sex knowing the risks.  You’re not ready to be a dad? You wanted to go to University in another state? Get a job for tuition? Need a car? Fuck that, you need to man up and own your responsibility here, that’s YOUR kid. Who cares what you wanted to do in life.. you need to get the first minimum wage job you can find and start preparing to take care of that kid. Oh she doesn’t want you in the child’s life? Child support sucks dude but hey.. you knew there was a chance you might get her pregnant even thought you took all the precautions you could with the express intent of displaying no interest in becoming a father.. you should have thought with your big head and not the little one you dirtbag. BE A MAN!

For too long men have had to live with the fear of the law compelling us to become parents long before we might be ready to be simply for us behaving like men.

It was women who relieved themselves of responsibility to enjoy casual hookups and sex for pleasure, in essence abdicating their responsibility of being woman by behaving like men.

Did you see the lady in the red dress…Look again…

As Morpheus said:

We have survived by hiding from them, by running from them, but they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys, which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.

Woman stopped being gatekeepers of any meaning. The doors they guard and the keys they hold are accountability. Not theirs, but ours. They hold us accountable for being who we are.

And this is how man will finally fight back.

Male Birth Control: New Procedure Is 100 Percent Effective, Reversible

Oh glorious day!

Now i’ve read tons of articles where women say they wouldn’t trust a man remembering to take or use birth control. I can even believe that’s what they truly think, but at this point it becomes irrelevant. Once men have this option available to them, there will be no more excuses. This IS the EQUALIZER and will finally grant equality across the land. If women don’t trust, they can still remain on their pills. Double up i say, even better. What this does do is twofold.

  1. It takes away an unscrupulous woman’s option of obtaining an ‘oooops’ pregnancy from her partner. There have been more than just a few anecdotal tales of women conning their partners into having babies by saying they’re on birth control and conveniently going off. Women have admitted to LYING. It’s in the public record. I AM NOT FUCKING JOKING. They lie because they want a kid to strengthen a relationship, or they have baby rabies and potential father is not willing, or they just want to go on government support instead of working shit jobs. Being a mother is fashionable, working at McDonald’s is not.
  2. It will finally remove all doubt about pregnancy. If a man does end up impregnating a woman by rawdogging it thugstyle then there is absolutely no question at all that he intended to have a child and must own up to his responsibility to it. With the exception of female rape of a minor, no man could possibly say they took the precautions required that were available to them.


Yes you are Charlie, yes you are.

Men win by choosing when / how / and with whom they wish to have children with. They will become the new gatekeepers where the old guard failed. Women will continue to have all their options available to them that they currently have so they will be unable to cry foul. The only ones who would dare cry would have duplicitous motivations for holding all the cards. With the law unwilling to bend or waiver on equality, this procedure will circumvent it and at last bring the ultimate veto power over conception.

And dare i say this will produce a sea change in attitude as women with ticking time bomb clocks will now have to start actually behaving like women once more to prove themselves to men that they are worthy of bearing their children rather then men jumping through infinite hurdles in order to grant basic sexual access, much less the right to pass on ones genes. This will also reduce almost any likelihood of paternity fraud and cuckolding by women since it will be the men that determine when they come off their birth control.

The next decade is going to be one wild ride. As the Captain is so fond of saying ‘Enjoy the Decline’. Decline of civilization yes.. this will blow open pandora’s box and either it will be a universal reset or all hell will break lose. But hey.. equality’s a bitch eh’

2015.. you can’t come soon enough!


  1. I cant wait for the male pill to happen. That is going to produce a very tangible reversal.

  2. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch that’s for sure 😉

  3. Well, you’d better get Betty Friedan out of the way first. She’s led the fight against the male birth control pill from the beginning. The fembots know that the male BCP is the game-changer, and they’re not going to let it happen without the fight of the century.

  4. Eh, shes fucking dead.

  5. And not one fuck was given.

  6. But hopefully, many soon will be.

    Another thing this will cut down on is cuckoldry.

    “sweeeeeetie, I’m expecting!”
    “….what. The. Fuck. I’m on male birth control. Get out of this house you slut.”

  7. heh, usually I hear “it’s about time men had this option” and that the feminists have supported solid birth control for men all along.

    I do believe though that with many fewer men being tricked or oopsed in to becoming “fathers”, that the birth rate will go in the toilet.

  8. I’m sure in lower class neighborhoods they’ll still be rawdogging like rabbits and popping our kids, but guys with assets to protect, you can be damn well sure they’ll be lining up for 10+ solid years of firing blanks. And remember, if feminism has taught us anything, it’s legal to lie about being on birth control, so have all the free fun you can pack in trying to ‘conceive’ when the rabies show up.

    Her: Oh honey.. let’s start a family.
    You: OK! (snicker)
    6 months of her draining your nuts every night. No headaches, no shit tests, no bitching. Bliss!

    The male answer to ‘oooops’ pill failed.

  9. Holy shit, she is dead. And not one fuck was given.

    Awesome! I can’t wait for Steinem, Valenti and Marcotte to peg out.

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  12. A buddy of mine had the cuckold experience. It was amazing to watch from the sidelines. He was on his second marriage. He married a woman who already had two children and was clear that she didn’t want any more.

    Then, “Sweetie, I’m expecting.”

    “Really. That’s funny. See, during my FIRST marriage, I got a vasectomy. I never mentioned it before, because you made it clear you didn’t want any more children. How is it that you’re pregnant again?”

    You could SMELL the smoke coming off of the bearings on the hamster wheel. First, the vasectomy must have reveresed itself. (They DO do that. About one in 1000 of them.) How could he THINK of a DNA test? What kind of man was he? Then, when the DNA test came back negative, it must have been a mistake. Then he had a fertility test done on himself. Sperm count? Zero.

    Throughout the whole process she never ONCE admitted she had been unfaithful. Fortunately, he drew a good judge, and the judge saw things differently and he is NOT on the hook for 18 years of child support for someone else’s child.

  13. I do love stories with happy endings! 😀

  14. bravo

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