You’re worried about raising young boys and this is the best you got?

June 21, 2012

This is just hilarious… if it weren’t so sad.

You really want to help raising young boys? I’ll give you a hint… it’s not stopping boys from being overconfident.


Aight, maybe not so much this guy.

A BIG FUCK YOU to Lisa Bloom.

Here endeth the lesson.


  1. And in twenty years, they’ll all be wondering why their sons haven’t given them any grandkids yet…

  2. Teaching girls not to be overconfident is vital. A boy without confidence is a fucking girl.

  3. Feminists really do like fucking up the natural order of things don’t they. Lets teach girls to be like boys and lets make boys be like us.

    But where have all the good men gone? Why aren’t you aggressive and dominant enough to make my vag tingle? NiceGuys™ should learn to be more attractive.

  4. So, these are the three things she thinks (I know, oxymoron) are problems in young boys:

    1. Too much arrogance (over confidence)
    Her solution: Lose the swagger replace with it with humility

    2. Reading is girly
    Her solution: Make your home a reading mecca

    3. Joblessness is creating hopelessness
    Her solution: Make boys expect to go to college.


    The only point I agree with her on is #2. However, in order for #2 to succeed the mainstream publishers better get off their asses and start publishing stories that will inspire these boys to read!

    For point #1, all I can say is, really? The only places I’ve seen that is in the ghettos where if you aren’t over confident you’re rat meat. Ms Bloom, wake up and stop generalizing. Parents should teach their sons MORE self-confidence. A self-confident male doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone with arrogance. That arrogance that you’re pointing out, you silly woman, is an surefire indicator of low self-esteem.

    As for point #3… It’s not joblessness that’s creating hopelessness. What about the joblessness that applies to those young men that have finished college and are sitting without work? Once again you seem have things back asswards. For a boy to want to go to college his parents should inspire the dreams of a profession. Those dreams should then be nurtured into aspirations and goals. Then teach the boy on how to create goals and how to work towards achieving them.

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