June 21, 2012

The indelible Dalrock wrote a post last year that I can really relate to in terms of experience. The takeaway for me was this line “To unmarried men who wish to marry, use great caution and be sure to find a woman who is truly worthy of marriage.” Obviously, i threw caution to the wind. An excellent read nonetheless.


Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

–Proverbs 5:18

I’m not normally one to quote Bible verses.  However, someone quoted the proverb above somewhere in the manosphere a few months back, and this one has stuck with me.  The sheer beauty of it came to mind as I was scanning our old wedding photos about a month ago.  All of our wedding photos are prints, and I wanted to make a digital copy while I know they are still in good shape.  Seeing us both so unbelievably young was extremely moving and helped me appreciate the wisdom of the proverb even more.

We talk a good deal on this blog and across the manosphere about the realities of women’s sexual market value/marriage market value (SMV/MMV) as they grow older.  This reality is denied to the great detriment of many women, old and young.  But…

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