A quick thought on women who are emotionally broken..

June 20, 2012

It’s like 4,000,000,000,000 degrees here in Toronto. I think my teeth are melting. But onto the topic.

Yoda is a great and wise teacher. He’s got his speech ass backwards but his hearts in the right place. Anger does lead to the dark side. You take only what you carry with you. I don’t want to carry my hate any longer.

Sometimes in my anger i forget things.

I forget that sometimes people don’t have the luxury of choosing who their parents are and how they grow up.

While i am not required to spend my time, patience or energy on someone who wants nothing to do with me and it is not my purpose in life to fix another persons mental state (that’s what therapists are for), nor am i to suffer their presence especially if that person thinks they are absolutely perfect as they are.. i can still empathize with the fact that their lot in life is what it is because of forces beyond their control.

I still hold out hope that everyone in them has the ability to change for the better if they want it bad enough. But it’s not for me to make them drink the water, or even drag them to the water. I can only point to the water and hope they’re thirsty enough to make the trek.

I wish the best to my exwife, but that is as far as i will ever take it. Rest is up to her.

I wish the best for my former LJB-de-friendzoned-friend, but that is where it ends. Rest is up to her.

Good god why do i fall for the damaged ones. Do i have a fucking savior complex?

Thankfully due to inner game i can honestly look myself in the mirror and say “Not any more.”


I imagine a huge swath of children from the feminist induced divorce culture generation have been affected by this. The myriad of “Daddy Issue” girls prevelant in today’s society, and all the problems they bring to the table may be directly related to absentee father’s due to divorce, or beta fathers indoctrinated in the horror of reversed gender roles, trying to become their daughters “best friend” rather than a strong, yet caring role model to guide them.

The video below seems to explain a lot and as worth watching. While i wash my hands of damaged women and will actively screen them out in the process of finding a sane compatriot to accompany on the remainder of my life’s journey, i will not hate them for who they are. Instead i will pity them for what they became.


side note. my PC keeps rebooting in this heat and i’m being forced to use my company macbook. I am now contemplating getting a mac. I guess the reason we’re experiencing this horrendous heat wave is because hell has indeed froze over and all the exothermic energy has materialized here. I’ve got a cold beer shoved down my crotch. ahhhhhhh.


  1. “I’ve got a cold beer shoved down my crotch.”

    Good times! It’s freezing here and raining pissistantly.

    Regarding the damaged ones…me too, been there seen it, married it and divorced it. 10+ years down the line the heat has dissipated (not forgotten) but I’ll never put that much of my happiness in the hands of another again.

    While he goes a bit further than I would, Captain Capitalism had a great post around this issue


    If you’re looking for nihilism you ought to check out afor’s site (wimminz – NSFW). The biggest problem is that I think that he tells his truth, it’s pretty fucking bleak but he went through worse than either of us. It’s a very interesting site but I seldom leave it more optimistic than when I arrived.

    (p.s. email address is slightly broken)

  2. Yeah, i read the Cap’s take on wgtow a while back when i first started accepting the term and looking into it for inspiration and guidance. Men choose to go their because they were forced due to hostility and lack of options. Women have all the options and run of the show yet price themselves out and then make the claim that they’re done and going once the clock has run out years/decades after men gtow.

    I created a quote on my TUMBLR a while back that echoes your sentiment of never handing over enough power to another human being to destroy your life and happiness and thought i’d share.

    Make sure you find a reason to smile and be happy for yourself inside of you, because the world is always ready to throw bullshit in your face. And IF you derive all your happiness from one person or individual and the world decides (or they decide) to remove themselves from the equation… you’re fucked aintcha?

    ps. who is afor?

  3. He posts on AVFM / The Spearhead, his (UK) blog is not for the faint of heart;
    Abandon hope all ye who enter here – http://wimminz.wordpress.com/

    I don’t doubt his honesty, but it ain’t pretty.

  4. sorry, buggered up the reply – see below for afor.

    re happiness – yep.

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