June 19, 2012

Deti is a fountain and his truth is overflowing. I love the cause/consequence interaction. Why is anyone surprised indeed!

Deti Nation

From a University of Man post abouta female FB conversation where the wimmenz hamsters went into overdrive about a prior UMan post.

Many thanks to Mentu for this. It isn’t often you get to see hamsters in the wild, and in their natural habitat (Facebook). There we can see the hamster’s machinations, unhindered by the Heisenberg principle.

Young single men reading here, go back up and read the Hamster droppings carefully. This is what today’s women think of you:

  1. You’re barely good enough to take care of me and do the dishes. You’re certainly not good enough to have sex with.
  2. We don’t want to have sex with you. We want the alpha dominant men, men who tingle us.
  3. We don’t need you. We can get married any time we want. So you will just have to wait until we’re ready.
  4. Marriage and relationships ain’t all they’re cracked up…

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