3 Pieces of Info you need as a man…

June 16, 2012

You’ve come along way baby.

No i’m not talking to you feminists and Slutwalkers. I’m talking to you Beta’s, Omega’s and Zeta’s. You have come a long way. You’re making headlines! You’re driving feminazis crazy by GOING YOUR OWN WAY and saying fuck it to a society that decided to give all power to the feminine and just expected you to keep taking shots to the nuts and like it. Man up you fuckers! The cries of the millenials getting pumped and dumped, the spinsters looking to marry and all the men they shunned in the past now look to greener pastures and easier life rather than get bogged down in a vicious cycle of work/consumption/debt/death hell that was modern marriage. They can’t stand you guys standing up and saying they can’t dictate what is best  for you and be obligated to do for society/women at large.

Great job guys.

Keep it up. But in case you’re still out there looking for companionship, because we all would like to find that one sane life partner who makes our lives better, not worse, i have 3 points for you to adopt into your lifestyle.

As you go through life, always understand that the old rules always had you being the one qualifying yourself to a woman and having to do all the hoop jumping in order to be with a woman. (unless you are an alpha that has pumped and dumped enough chicks to be so brimming with confidence and know you are the shit that no qualifying is required, they just throw themselves at your dick).

She blew the whole football team but you’re the guy she’s turning a new leaf for to make you wait and qualify for her awesomeness… oh wait was that Hugh Jackman that walked by? Oh wait, is that her hanging off his dick too?

With the current changes to the landscape in the last 40+ years and the removal of social mores and rules of courting destroyed, along with science, technology, the pill, feminism, etc.. a great rift has opened, and through the internet and the manosphere, men are educated about the pitfalls and obsolete-ism that is dating/marriage/courtship/chivalry. In a world where the notion of women being sexual gatekeepers carries no meaning, men can now utilize their power of being the gatekeepers of commitment. Hear me out.

A majority of men actually want relationships more than women. It’s true! They want STABLE relationships with women. Women who take an oath of commitment seriously. Right now, women prefer serial monogamy. Call it marriage lite.  Jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, to FWB’s to one night stands, etc. And once they do get to the marriage stage, the vows hold no meaning. My word is my bond means something to men. They will attempt to move mountains to fix problems in a relationship if given the chance. Many women will simply decide like the changing of the wind. I’m bored. I’m unhappy. My marriage isn’t exciting. It’s not what i expected. He’s too dull. He can’t find a job. Yada yada yada. They complain about all the things they would never dare bring up with an exciting alpha who makes them wet. But of course that alpha doesn’t need to commit, and that’s what pisses the women off, that these guys with options wont commit TO THEM. oy vey.

So what’s a guy like you doing trying to WHOOOO a woman? If she’s not throwing herself at your dick, you better believe she would push you into traffic just for the chance to have David Beckham touch her lady parts. So why are you going to settle for wowwing and dazzling them and jumping through qualifying hoops for her, especially when it’s not required for other guys, and especially because even if you do, it becomes a never ending battle of hoops to continually jump through JUST TO KEEP HER FROM LEAVING YOU.

Of course not all women are like that. But how are you to tell them apart and what can you do to protect yourself?

1. Understand Briffault’s Law.

“The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” — Robert Briffault, The Mothers, I, 191

There are a few corollaries I would add:

1 – Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.

2 – Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)

3 – A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which is not bloody likely).

Read it again. And let it sink in. I’ll wait.

It does not matter what you’ve done. You can do everything right and still lose. Not a game worth playing. My exwife can attest to that.

2. Interest Level / Indicators of Interest / Rule of 2/3rds

If you are interested in a woman, you might as well consider it 100%. You know you want her and you’ll go all in. This isn’t in question. Your interest level amounts to dick all in this equation. It’s her interest level in you that matters. If she’s not into you, all your nice guy chivalrous beta grovelling will do fuck all. So don’t bother. It’s simple reciprocity. If a women is interested she will give you CLEAR signs of interest. She will not insult you or make crass comments about you, instead she’ll prop you up, say good things about you and genuinely want you to be around her.

What is an indicator of interest? It’s anything from a woman grabbing you and throwing you into bed (obvious) to minor things like complimenting you, verbalizing an attraction towards you, accepting your gaze, light innuendo, wanting to be around you, talking well about you to her friends, just texting you out of the blue to remark that something reminded her of you, or she was just thinking about you. A sext is always a good indicator too. 😉

Doc Love has a whole percentage based scale on Interest Level. You should learn it.

The rule of 2/3rds (also known as the GOLDEN RATIO) states that for every full acknowledged action a woman does to display interest/affection, you give 2/3rds back. If a woman tells you she loves you 3 times in a day, you tell it back to her twice, and you never be the first to say it (the rare occasion when you want to, but use sparingly). Remember, saying it first and too often makes you NEEDY and clingy

(read about the GOLDEN RATIO here + many other terms )

Couple this with Briffault’s law. A woman will not proceed unless it’s in her own interest to do so. The 2/3rds rule is necessary to prevent you from wasting time/money/effort/resources on someone who is obviously playing you. If a woman shows zero interest in you for weeks on end, and then expects acts of chivalry or generosity out of the blue, guess what.. you’re getting played. You put in all the effort and get nothing out. Congratulations.

3. The power of the “V”

This one is critical and something I’ve learned to overcome by years of dealing to live without it. Beyond pedestalization of women, it is the implied belief that a man will become a moron and do things contrary to his motivations or convictions just for the chance to ‘score’ some pussy. Beyond it’s overly insulting tone, this actually reduces women to being a vagina only and i have no respect or want to do anything more than pump and dump any woman who believes that i will jump through fire to tap her vagina.

Any man who falls for the power of the ‘V’ can then be subjected to a form of cruel blackmail, where he must continue to perform certain tasks in order to be ‘lucky’ enough to get to fuck her. This in essence become a form of prostitution and barter for pussy. Clean out the chicken coop and shovel the horse shit and MAYBE i might let you fuck me. Ya thanks, i’ll get right on it.

Sex is supposed to be mutual enjoyment, a wanting to please your partner, sexual gratification and the general acknowledgement that wanting to please your partner and make them feel totally awesome will likewise wish to return in kind that level of intimacy back to you. It has to be surrendered and voluntary to make the act mean anything. This is why paying for sex is so meaningless. It is an act without value. She is not there for you, she is there for her paycheque. The quicker you finish the better. Dollar/per minute ratio.

Any woman who treats you with the frame of her pussy being in control of you and actively revoking the ‘privilege’ on a whim is toxic and i would say stay the fuck away. She will find all the men she desires, who will enjoy using her as a warm masturbatory tool and have not one fuck to give about her needs.

If you can hold and maintain your frame, a position that says ‘I want to please and pleasure you and put your needs before mine first because you WANT me to.’ this will help maintain a proper mindset and keep you from getting used. After all, who wants to put their partners needs first if they behave like bartering prostitutes? Not me, and neither should you. The key here is the ‘you WANT me to‘ part. If they’re putting obstacles in the way, they obviously don’t want you too. Remember, it’s supposed to be mutually wanted. Try thinking of it this way. Sex should be enjoyed and wanted by both partners. So lets sub sex with million dollars.

Her: I know you want to give me a million dollars. I want to give you a million dollars to. But first i want you to cut your arm off. Then we can swap the millions. It’ll be fun tee hee!

Him: uhhhh… ok?

And if you MUST sacrifice your dignity and jump through a hoop or too to prove you are a slave to the mighty “V”, then just get in, get off and get out and don’t think twice about whether she liked it or not. It’s not like you’ll get a second chance since now she knows she can ratchet up how much leashed puppy dog shit she can pull on you that you will accept just for another shot to tap her. Congratulations.

So there you go, combine all 3 bits of info together and you should be well on your way to serving your own interests, filtering out all the garbage, and helping to continue the marriage strike.

Remember, it doesn’t matter that you’ve been a great, wonderful, providing, supportive, nurturing, loving, caring person. None of that will:
– save your relationship
– save your marriage
– make a woman lust after you like Beckham
– keep a woman interested in you
– prevent her from fitness testing you
– keep her hypergamy in check

You must always make sure the woman is SHOWING the interest in you, to prove that you are valued, wanted and desired by her. If it’s not there, or you see it slipping away, STOP, and walk away. There’s no need to continue pouring more money into a failing stock that fails to yield any kind of return on investment. This rant mainly encompasses long term relationships and marriageable women.

Fuckbuddies (FWB’s) are the exception because there is no express obligation to commitment beside mutually exchanged orgasms. There is no obligation to be overly kind or chivalrous, and not to be more of a friend than you are to your other friends just because you get sex from it. So i guess im saying you should start looking for fuckbuddies because today’s women are seemingly not cut out for long term/marriage (and the whole divorce system set up to grind men up in frivolous ‘im unhaaaaapy’ divorces, but that’s a whole nother post). Of course NAWALT…  but really?

You are now armed. Go out there and fight for yourself first and foremost. Stop being a utility. Only be with a person who really shows you their quality, and then return it in kind.

One comment

  1. Part 3 was beautiful, really. It’s so true. Putting women on a pedestal just because they have a vagina is wrong to do, it insults both sexes.

    If all women are on a pedestal, then men will continuously be seen as “below”, which isn’t fair to men who have just as much right to validation of their needs and desires as women. Also, a pedestal is a small, cramped space to be living…a real woman wants to be loved as a whole person, not held up to mythological standards.

    As for the sex part? Well, see my feelings about that here:


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