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Six Degrees of Separation

January 19, 2014


It seems almost uncanny that on the day i get a Feminist named Paradoxy to leave me a comment on my post Reproductive Slavery i would have been listening to a conversation by my girlfriend a few hours earlier regarding OOOPSIE births.

From the article:

Three months ago, I started seeing a nice guy. He has potential. But I feared he’d go the way so many had: dating for a while, then moving on. This time I was determined to at least try to get something of what I want, so I did what I never thought I’d do. I lied when he asked if I was taking birth control.

As far as i’m concerned this is as bad as rape. I also understand it’s more common than feminists would have us believe.

I’ve already written about one of my friends being OOOPSIE’d HERE.. and last night my girlfriend told me about how one of her friends a long time ago confided in her that her friend stopped taking her pills while telling her partner she was on the pill – resulting in an ‘accident’. The woman has never fessed up to the hubby to this day.

That’s 2 stories i alone know of. Personally, 1 is 1 too many.. and i know of TWO!

I’m willing to bet there are others out there that have similar stories to tell, so for this post i’m asking something different of my commenters. I don’t want to see a round of ‘women are whores’ or ‘sideways’ comments. I want this post to spread far and wide in the hopes that lurkers de-lurk just to write about genuine stories they are 100% certain about that they either heard of, or heard from a 3rd party (like my gf) who is absolutely in the know about such an incident. No intimate details or names required, just the basics of who in relation to who told you, how the plan went down, did she go through with it and if she did, did her partner ever find out. Simple shit.

Use a pseudo-name, remain anonymous, sign up for a throw away webmail account – i don’t care. Just de-lurk if you have a similar story to share and jot it down. I wan’t to see how many comments this post unearths. Sign off with your city/state/prov if possible.



Baby, You’re A Firework – CUM On, Let Your Colours Burst

January 16, 2014


Originally i was going to title this “Let Hypergamy Work For You”, but not enough of my bullet points have anything to do with it, so i changed it.

I am going to disagree with Roosh here about whether making a woman orgasm is worth your time. While there are some groups of women for which it is pointless to try, my belief it’s a very small group of undesirable women that fit into it which will be addressed within the post.

I say make her pleasure your number one priority <unless your purpose is solely for instant gratification>. Personally, i love taking an active interest in taking the girl i’m with to new heights of pleasure. Seeing her delight and excite under my oral ministrations and methodical motions, witnessing her undulate by my design – enhances my own pleasure center. My biggest loads have always come from simply observing a woman revel in her sexual delight! Words cannot do justice how aroused i become seeing a woman’s sexual excitement of which i am it’s chief architect (that fall within my acceptable parameters for reasonable playful enthusiastic sex. Those who need to be choked, slapped, gagged, beaten and humiliated to enjoy it need not apply).

And the effort reaps rewards a plenty.

Here’s my list of reasons why.

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

November 17, 2013


There is a term in photography relating to the outcome of your final product dependent on the source material you begin with. It originally derived from computer science in relation to data, because computers are dumb and only do what you feed into it. So if you feed it shit, it will output shit.

From the Wiki:

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) in the field of computer science or information and communications technology refers to the fact that computers will unquestioningly process unintended, even nonsensical, input data (“garbage in”) and produce undesired, often nonsensical, output (“garbage out”).

The same thing applies to pictures. Photoshop has come a long way from it’s heyday. It can make the ordinary extraordinary. But the same rule applies, the better the quality of the photo going in, the less Photoshop you actually require to make it amazing. And you should never be using Photoshop as a means of constantly trying to save garbage photo’s. Not if your bread and butter is photography!

I saw this photo floating around on Facebook, and it seems that art imitates life is more than an apt way of framing this picture as a snapshot of our current society’s behavior wrt relationships.


With the exception of the reference to negatives, i would say this picture describes the digital age quite well.

The digital age, even in guilty. My Nikon can take thousands of pics, throw away shots. Part of the strategy is to switch to ‘drive’ mode and continuously take pics hoping one of the many turns into gold, but this is usually for action shots where the motion is frantic.

However i like to think the best shots are the ones you plan ahead for, and with the right education in lighting theory, composition and mastery of your equipment you will get the best source material. The greatest photographers will wait patiently for the perfect shot to present itself, waiting hours for just the right lighting from the greatest light source we have.. the sun, and it’s position in the sky.

Garbage in/garbage out is the motto. Start with the best in-camera picture you can take so you end up using the most minimal amount of post processing (Photoshop) as possible.

In this regard, you can consider Photoshop as an analogy for Game. Read the rest of this entry ?


Good Girl

October 22, 2013


I was thinking about writing a quick post for a while now about something i came to realize with my girlfriend, something so stark and profound..

and then i ran across this post on reddit which pretty much confirmed my thinking and insights on it.

I believe there are two types of women in this world. Those who carry a chip on their shoulder for having been born female and hate themselves for it (the self hating misogynists they are), and those who relish in it and their femininity, and to figure out who you end up with is relatively easy.

Just ask her to do something for you you’re pretty sure of that she will acquiesce to your request. And when she does simply smile and say

Good girl.

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Feminist Hysteria Over Rape Will Lead To This Future

August 23, 2013

Just a little over one year ago today i made a comment on Carolina’s blog post A Sexual Contract where i made the following observation:

“…During it i concluded that we were well on our way as a society where we would all be initialing pages and paragraphs and line items of the ‘Long Form Fuck Contract” in order to spell out what would happen and who would take what responsibility…

…I even concluded we’ll get to a point where we will have ‘apps’ on our phones to instant legal docs and advice, Legal Zoom style quick contracts…”

Well i just found a great parody video to share with you depicting that future.

(H/T to One Man’s Perspective)

Feminists have been fucking up intimate sexual relations since the birth of their movement, trying to prescribe one size fits all nonsense, ignoring hard science regarding attraction mechanisms, avoiding talking about token resistance and blurring the legal lines of what rape was always intended to define.. violent and aggressive sexual behaviors performed on or being forced to perform against ones will.. with the utter vagueness and nonsense they spew from their poisonous maws about regret rape, tipsy rape, he cheated on me and i would never have had sex with him if i knew so that’s retroactive removal of consent so he therefore raped me rape..

I swear…

..if we ever get to a point where couples become required to fill shit like this out..

…to protect our own asses..

…and it becomes a legal mandate..

…my girlfriend will buy a gun and go on a FUCKING FEMINIST MURDERING RAMPAGE* for taking the FUCKING FUN OUT OF SEX AND SEDUCTION!


* satirical comment


When a Robot is More Human than a Human

August 23, 2013

Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991)via opheliadont

Sarah Connor: [voiceover] Watching John with the machine, it was suddenly so clear. The terminator, would never stop. It would never leave him, and it would never hurt him, never shout at him, or get drunk and hit him, or say it was too busy to spend time with him. It would always be there. And it would die, to protect him. Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, was the only one who measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice.

Sarah Connor: The luxury of hope was given to me by the Terminator. Because if a machine can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

I just found this comment in my NSFW post about sexbots/software left behind by commenter UncalledFor and i have to say.. this trailer just stunned me.

Worthy of being a post in and of itself.

Watch it.

When the day comes that Artificial Intelligence or Human Interface Systems reach the point where they can teach human women what it means to behave in a manner that men find attractive, and fall in love with.. that will be the day the planet will deal with a reckoning beyond anything human history has ever recorded.


What Mortal Kombat taught me about the Game

July 31, 2013

“Why do you even bother asking me to play against you.. you KNOW you are going to win. You KNOW i can’t beat you. There is no point in me picking up the controller. It’s a foregone conclusion. So why do YOU want to play? What pleasure do YOU get from beating an opponent who can’t challenge you? Is it because there’s NO challenge? Is it because it’s easy and fun to play when you CAN’T lose?

I can’t wait to see you play someone who’s better than you, and he kicks your ass. You’ll probably suck out, start crying and never play the game again.”

- My Brother Chris


Quick post and related to TarnishedSophia’s comment here:

“Even a high-N man only has value up to a certain point. Look at men such as Roosh…he claims to have had sex with hundreds of women, and without using protection! There is a point where having multiple partners becomes a point of contention, and it becomes clear that you are no longer having/sharing sex…you’re just rutting with anything that moves, like an extremely primitive animal in heat.”

Sophia’s comment reminded me of my youth and something that transpired an age ago.

One of those lessons someone teaches you that you don’t grasp until many years later.

And it’s the reason the double standard applies.

My Mortal Kombat story is if anything, absolutely NOT a story about my being an alpha, or becoming one. Hell i wouldn’t even call myself one now.. but does share a common tangent with what it takes to become one, and why it can be respected EVEN once you take it to the point of abuse, as Sophia lays claim to folks like Roosh.

See, i admire Roosh.

I do not admire or aspire to be a flag snatching, notch counting, bang getting, pussy slaying poon vampire who is enslaved to seeking out new victims to drain of their life force in a never ending conquest to treat other humans (however ignorant, solipsistic or repugnant and feminist-like they *might* be) as straight up living masterbation tools and warm cum dumpsters.

It’s not in me.

I’d rather filter, and end up with what i knew i wanted right from the start. No matter how long it takes (almost 2 yrs for me). I won’t entertain shit for a shot at pussy.

But i still can respect the feat for what it is, no matter what the final consequence or damage that might be inflicted upon Roosh’s soul. I suspect even he knows this.. but that’s for him to wrestle with. Hell, even Gene Simmons settled down, so maybe Roosh will find his.

I mean.. Mark Minter found his right?

So how does Roosh tie in with my Mortal Kombat youth and the double standard? I’ll try and explain. Hopefully it won’t come out convoluted.

Back in the 90’s, on my Sega Genesis, i got good at MK2. I mean REALLY good. I learned all the classic ninja’s moves (Scorpion/SubZero/Reptile). I was so adept at reading the animations of the characters initial frames.. i could practically tell what my opponent would do before he/she actually made the move. I knew every move, block, counter and finishing move.

This is all hardly alpha, i know. Bear with me.

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You’ll Need More Than Just Your Vagina to Compete with the Future (NSFW)

July 4, 2013


In honor of this being my 200th post (whew) and having surpassed 270,000+ views, i present to you a long laugh that was as fun to write as i hope it is fun to read. It’s lengthy and pic heavy but i think it might just make your day and raise some interesting and thought provoking discussion. At the very least it allowed me to be gratuitous with the pic and vid links. Please not, this post is most certainly NOT SAFE for work, or around kids, or Lindsay West.

You’ve been warned.

Ok, we’ve all talked about sexbots till we’re blue in the face. However, these are not actual sexbots, but software.

And if you don’t think this has dire implications down the road, you got another thing coming.

The Asians are hard at work making their hardcore Hentai/Anime porn look as photo-realistic as possible.


Picture this scenario:

Throughout the day you’ve been bombarded with ads on TV for Axe body spray, you’ve passed by the newstand and seen the latest cover of MAXIM, you went into the convenience store and noticed the HUSTLER on the rack, your female coworker decided to wear those red pumps and shorter pencil skirt today, and you fantasized about taking her in the broom closet, you went to the gym and couldn’t help notice the tight girls doing their yoga stretches, the cash girl at the coffee shop was extra bubbly and smiled extra hard when you ordered your brew on the way home and you couldn’t help but notice the billboard on the highway for SPIKE TV displaying a tight toned female stomach covered in water beads beside a .50 caliber sniper rifle. By the time you pulled into the driveway and bumped into your neighbors hot wife bouncing by during her jog.. your prostate is pretty much pounding the shit out of your insides demanding you release the pressure.

After this particularily hard grueling day, you come home, to an empty house, throw your keys on the coffee table, put your briefcase down, sit on the couch, verbally say ‘Xbox ON’, put on the goggles, sit back relax.

The Kinect controller recognizes your face, along with your pulse, heart rate, stress levels, pupil dialation, body temperature and rate of breathing, etc… a virtual tricorder of knowing what state your body is, how much tension you have pent up, and how badly it needs to be released.

And it has the perfect digital simulation to help you out with that little conundrum.

The doctor will see you now!

The doctor will see you now!

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Someone out there feels like i do..

July 4, 2013


From the Roosh forum no less:

By Nomad77, (emphasis and comments mine):

The best sex I ever had

When I was 16 I had my first official girlfriend. I was crazy in love with her and I thought the sex was pretty good. After the first time we had sex, I quietly excused myself, and went and jumped up and down in the bathroom in front of the mirror while silently shouting Yes! Then at 18, I had my 2nd girlfriend, and if I thought the sex was good with the first one, this one was even better. She loved having sex outdoors and in public places. Again, I was crazy about her. With the 3rd one to my amazement the sex got even better. While she was the most innocent looking of the three she was also the most passionate. You know what they say about Latin women – it’s true. With all of these women, I found them very attractive, I was in love, and the sex was great! BUT, then I started watching porn and thought to myself that if the sex I had was that great this stuff must be even better! With this thought, I set out to experience all of the different kind of sex there was to be had. The same way Roosh dedicated himself to getting flags I dedicated myself to experiencing different the wide world of sex.I had just about all the different types of sex the average guy would ever wish for with all of the different types of women he would wish to have it with. I had 3-somes, 4-somes, 5-somes, orgies, sex parties, S&M, strippers, hookers, young, old, all types of hair color, eye color, major races, cultures, and ethnicities: Brasilians, Russians, Thais, etc. I had sex in strip clubs, in department stores, in airplanes, I had sex with girls who were high on coke, pot, etc. I tried all the different positions and holes. There’s even some stuff I am ashamed to admit here. If you have seen it in some porn movie there’s a good chance I have done it. And while I won’t deny that some of it was a great experience and I even went back for seconds and more – there was nothing I really became attached to. Most of it was just a novelty that once done didn’t hold that much interest and many times didn’t even bring that much pleasure. Most of the girls I can’t even remember [M3: i remember the strippers bodies, and their batshit crazy, but nothing i'd care to remember ]. After each series I would look back and compare it to what I had experience originally with my first three girlfriends and you know what? Everything always came up short [M3: The pointlessness of mechanical ape fucking ]. After spending years and a lot of time and effort to have all this different sex the best sex I ever had was what I had at the very beginning. Just plain old regular sex, no condoms, coming inside the girls pussy (this is important) with a girl I was very attracted to and cared about and she in return.[M3: For months after my seperation from my wife, i dreamt of just regular sex, not the fetish aspects ]But it took me awhile to figure out why this was.If you don’t play golf you probably don’t understand why people love it. To enjoy golf you have to love it. There is nothing innately enjoyable about walking around in the sun trying to hit a little ball in a little hole. All of the joy of golf is in our own mind. And it’s the same with sex. The more we are attracted to a girl and the more feelings we have for her the more we will enjoy the sex[M3: It's the journey, not the destination ]IF it is acceptable. If she’s really bad then it will eventually have an impact but as long as she’s ok, it will be good. I enjoyed having sex with my girlfriends the most not because the sex was that great but because my feelings for them was! It wasn’t the sex that created the most joy it was my feelings about the girl that did. The sex was just a way of expressing your feelings and THIS is what women are born knowing. It wasn’t about the sex it was about my feelings for the girl. If you don’t like golf I can put you on the best golf course with the best equipment and you still will not enjoy it. How we feel about a person or something determines how much we will enjoy it. That was the first lesson. The second was: I didn’t like a lot of sex that other people seem to like. For example:

  • I don’t like having sex with strange women. [M3: While i didn't have this issue, i didn't enjoy having sex with strange, narcisistic womem who were full of themselves ]I prefer to have sex with a woman I know and am comfortable with. [M3: Yes ]
  • I don’t like having group sex. I prefer to have sex with one woman at a time.[M3: Yes ]
  • I don’t like having to be abusive to women, slapping them etc. [M3: Again this post ]
  • I don’t like having sex with drunk or fucked up women. [M3: Yes ]
But hey, this is just me. [M3: And me ] You may find you like having these kinds of sex or maybe even S&M sex. I have a good friend that enjoys having sex with lifeless girls. The point is, don’t let someone else definition of what makes them happy be your definition of happiness. Just because someone else enjoys something doesn’t mean you will and there is nothing wrong if you don’t. Don’t feel you have to enjoy someone else definition of what great sex is. I wasted a lot of years chasing someone else definition of what great sex is. For example, I knew from the start I didn’t like sex with multiple women/people yet I kept going, adding even more women and people hoping that would somehow magically make the sex better – it didn’t.Now when someone tells me oh, they would love to bang three girls at the same time, I just smile inside and don’t say anything. I know it’s a road they will have to walk down for themselves and in doing so they will also hopefully find themselves like I did and come to realize what the best sex is – for them.


With the exception of his intro to 3 girlfriends and his subsequent road of debauchery.. this is something i could have very well written myself.

It may not be how every man feels.

But it is me. It’s nice to know i am not alone in feeling this way. Perhaps rare?.. but not alone.


There are NiceGirls™ all around us

February 7, 2013

You’re too Nice dear.

Ever see the girl who loves cooking breakfast for a douchebag?

Ever know a girl who really likes getting her boyfriend a beer?

Ever witnessed a girl make a sammich for her lover?

Ever heard about a woman who picks up after, cleans and does the laundry of her special guy?

Ever read dating and advice columns about women asking what more they can do to get their significant other to un-equivocally commit to them?

Ever had to listen to some vapid chick cry about how hard she tries to please her man sexually, giving him every request he wants without getting her needs fulfilled, faking her orgasms or just getting the wham bam jackhammer thank you m’aam treatment.. and then  asking why he’s still so distant?

Ever hear a woman weep after being berated, humiliated, shoved, abused by her man.. and defend her man saying he’s really not like that, he’s a good person, just give him time?

Ever hear all of this from a woman who simply felt an expectation that doing these things were part of building a relationship towards the goal of commitment?

Ever hear a woman call a man a commitment-phoebe?

Ever hear all of these women pour forth a river of tears , shrieking in agony and cursing to the heavens about how they did everything to keep the relationship going, how awful these horrible men were for not pouring in the same amount of effort, how he’s a creep, a loser, immature, peter pan, man boy  child, not ready for a serious relationship and how he wouldn’t man up to take the relationship to the “next level“?

The vitriol that bursts forth from their lips when cold, harsh  reality sinks in as her mind awakens to the fact that all her efforts were for naught, all the while receiving cold comfort and validation from a security blanket of female friends, a gaggle of hens who curse the stupid awful mean man who simply refused to appreciate her epic awesomeness to perform his duty to the imperative and commit to her.

We see it all the time but never call it out for what it is because we live in a world that gives primacy and validation for the female preferred method of both promiscuity and attaining commitment.

It’s the rules of GirlWorld™.


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