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Wrong Conclusions Corrected

May 23, 2013

How to improve female fertility: avoid selfish men DON’T BE A FUCKING MANLY AGGRESSIVE UNFEMININE BITCH

There… fixed it for you ya Guardian editors!

I’ll be back to more regular shit soon (there’s a fibre joke for ya) :)


[edit NOW]

I had to come back to this and add a few points

Moreover, when are we, as a society, going to address a painful truth: that where timing is concerned, female fertility is not, as is often supposed, controlled exclusively by women, but also very much in the power of the men they are with?

Yes.. painful to know that men should have a say in when they become fathers.

Fucking misandrist fucktards.

However, GBF taps into the culture of misogyny surrounding female fertility. It feeds the urban myth of women “refusing” to have children because of careers, partying, or holding out for Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is an urban myth? GTFO! I thought it was feminist mantra to go after career first and that anything less was a “WASTE OF YOUR LIFE”…

Even not finding the right man often turns out to be a euphemism for: “I met him, I spent years with him, but ultimately, he wouldn’t have children.” Put bluntly, many of these women at their fertile peak didn’t refuse anything, their men did.

Yes. I’m sure the fact that you were such horrible wife/mother material played no role in these men refusing to put their arse on the divorce/alimony/child support firing line…

Like it or not, this is how men influence female fertility and, ultimately, female infertility. The mere thought is enough to inspire feminist panic: women, not men, should control their fertility. Who could disagree?

(raises hand) … ME.

Such men may feel that the relationship isn’t right, or don’t want their freedom curtailed, or other reasons, all as valid as a woman making similar decisions.

Ok.. now you’re starting to sound smart…

It only becomes unfair, verging on selfish, when men keep such insights to themselves for too long. These are the time-wasters, what I’d term the fertility-drifters, who think nothing of keeping women dangling for years on end.

Or perhaps the women deluded themselves into thinking the alpha’s found them worthy of mating with? Are you trying to say these women didn’t have a plethora of other men to choose from, since biologically speaking.. women are the ones that allow sex to happen. Are you removing agency from these women and calling them simpleton children unable to figure out for themselves whether a situation is not moving forward to their liking?

It’s not that these women are pathetic wimps, rather that often they can’t win: if they push, they’re pushy (humiliating); if they don’t push, if they’re respectful and patient, they’ll waste even more time.

Yup. Denying agency, making excuses and treating like children. Check. Check. Check.

No one shows a man mercy when he marries a gold digger who spends him into oblivion and then leaves him for another man and seeks alimony on top of it. They always say “Shoulda chose better” or “You were only thinking with your dick” etc…

If you waste your fertility chasing bad boys or diplomas.. or you were an overly aggressive and unfeminine beast.. and you don’t end up marrying, having a family during your fertile years.. it’s your own damn fault and not any mans.

Aim early when you’re at the top of your game.


So I’m at the coffee shop line-up on a cold morning when..

January 23, 2013

You will never find a Tim Horton’s empty. Ever! This pic is just to show off my Photoshop magic!

.. i see the shape of a really hot looking blond in front of me in the line-up. I commiserate with my friend who came with me to Tim Horton’s that this woman in front of us was *my kinda lady*, to which he exclaimed “What… thin?”

[the running joke at our office is that i'm the only one that has standards that won't tap a fatty. Everyone else dies by the creed "It's all wet & pink in the end!" This my friends is the sentiment that has ruined my fair city and grown a generation of entitled slores that put the StayPufft marshmellow man to shame thinking they deserve well built men like me at their beckon call and that i should be so 'lucky' to get with them. I think i just puked in my mouth.]

I simply nod with his assessment of my shallowness and continue to eye this fine specimen in front of me.

Google Images is not playing nice so i had to create my own version. Ignore her holding a win bottle.

Google Images is not playing nice so i had to create my own version. Ignore her holding a wine bottle.

So as she’s standing there, my brain automatically does what i spoke about here at SSM’s place.. not unlike the Terminator’s red eye that tracks proportions to see whether clothes fit. My tracking eye tells me what lies beneath the clothes ;)


  • 5’7″ -  perfect kissing height in 3 inch heels/booties

  • blonde (i prefer brunette but will not disqualify) with a pony tail of golden locks

  • toned legs in tights wearing cute/sexy ankle warmers and heels

  • the coat obscured the hip/waist ratio but the legs gave enough information to extrapolate proper dimensions of hawt tight bod

  • face… unable to scan… no data available… continue observation…

So as far as i can tell, from behind she earned the M3 seal of approval!

The Official Seal of the Internet

The Official Seal of the Internet

When she finished her order and turned around and i got a good look at her from the front…. gahhh!



*Possible* over exaggeration of woman’s age and my reaction.. possible.

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Ladies.. if you’re aiming for a husband..

January 23, 2013

For my female audience…

Bag him when he’s a clear shot and you got ammo to spare…


… instead of waiting until he’s out of range, and you’re praying for a miracle with your last rounds.

I simply cannot state it any clearer than this. This is the difference between getting who you want vs. ‘settling‘. Ignore at your own peril and don’t blame the man you end up with when you’re dreaming about an Eat, Pray, Love excursion. It’s all on you for having your priorities all ass backwards.

And remember.. the younger girls you compete with.. they’ve got their hand cannons loaded and bringing them to bear. And while they’re picking off their targets with ease, you get stuck with ‘Mr. Right’

Mr. Right

The alternate title of this post was “Everything i said in my Last post summed up in 2 pictures…

Another alternate title: Priorities… you’re doing it wrong.

I see a future spinster here..

I see a future spinster here..

From my comment on 3MM:

“What about change of mind or wanting life experience”
-these can’t be done with a long time boyfriend or engagement partner? if marriage and children are supposed to be a woman’s top priority in life, she needs to treat it as such. if women want to travel, have fun, ride the carousel or just jump from boyfriend to boyfriend while building a career.. then that is the priority in their life, not marriage/kids.

If going to a reputable school was your priority in life to get an education, you spend your time getting a job and socking away tuition. Sure you can let loose every now and then, but you want to be able to afford Harvard right? You can live your life with the priority of making it into that school. You can’t spend your years blowing all your money on booze and parties every friday night (and not studying to boot) and then wake upone day and say ‘ok time to apply to harvard’ and expect to get in with shit marks and $0 in you bank account.

Seriously… don’t take my word for it.. check out who’s looking at Mr. 36 year old M3 right now… (and remember that *I* am looking to romance women 7-10 years my jr.)

Ladies please.. you should be looking for men older than you..

Ladies please.. you should be looking for men just a touch older than you..


Is it Fair?

January 21, 2013


Don’t shoot me, i’m just the messenger…

So i had a back and forth comment session with my friend Audi (the audacious amateur blogger) and it something occurred to me.

I’m conflicted.

See, i’ll share a little secret. I like her (shhhhh)

At it’s core lies this problem. She’s worried about spherian mentality about “The Wall” and “The Number” and natural consequences of actions. Part of my latent beta wants to don the suit of plate mail, climb the white horse and protect her as my conditioning under the the rules of GirlWorld commands me to. And another part of me, that itchy burning area of my rectum where the RedPill currently resides is telling me fuck it.. actions have consequences, take it like a man. Derrrrp.

This is a case of going before the judge and pleading that you didn’t know that pissing into the town square water fountain was a crime because there were no warning signs posted.. to which the judge harrumphs “IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE” and slams the gavel down and chucks a hefty leather-bound book at you.

She has/had the same problem i did some 18 years ago… it’s called Naivete.


adjective \nä-ˈēv, nī-\

1: marked by unaffected simplicity :artlessingenuous
2a: deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment; especially:credulous
b : not previously subjected to experimentation or a particular experimental situation <made the test with naive rats>;

Is it harsh to be judged and convicted for things done when you were simply following what you thought was the properly laid out doctrine to follow? Yes, yes it is. Especially if the rules you followed were crafted by a society that began an experiment to see if human behavior was indeed a social construct through conditioning and behavioral modification instead of something deeper and more innate… primal. And if it were the latter that was found to be the truth, could leeway be given to avoid the consequences of those actions done under sincere misguidance?

It’s something i wrestle with, because as a decent guy and human being, i wouldn’t want to see what i feel is an obvious good but naive kid who simply followed the path that was allowed for by this current society (a society i do wish to see at the bottom of Davey Jones locker btw) having to accept the consequences and punishment of our now evolved and well informed spherian understanding of a woman’s N and the cruelty of The Wall.

Yet one need only read this (which you probably already have) to realize that i myself, and untold countless millions of others have indeed already paid the loftiest price for being naive. The judges are still at it to this very day with the public trials of NiceGuys™ in the street, listening to the mobs yelling for the Jezebel executioner to throw the level and pull the floor out from under the condemned for their naive nature.

Is it fair that one side is made to suffer full consequences while the other gets a reprieve solely due to gender and timing?

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When the bikes find more accommodating fish…

December 19, 2012

Let the gnashing of teeth by feminists begin.

Came across an interesting ditty late at work today, but instead of just linking, i really wanted to add some pizzazz with Photoshop, so i waited till i was out of work (and my second viewing of The Hobbit) to come home and finish up the perfect curtain call on this short post. I hope you enjoy the labor of love. Hehe.

Much has been discussed in recent days around the sphere regarding women delaying marriage, avoiding commitment and hitting the wall. I think every woman should read this cautionary tale by Ian Ironwood about

But back to my post. It harkens back to the rise of technology, the rise of the machine, the rise of… well… men’s dicks and absolutely perfect cyber women. Women of the west have so abdicated their role as being sensual, sweet and nurturing partners, that technology continues to rush to fill the void. I offer you 3 pictures to describe the evolution of women’s choices, and the eventual outcomes given too much time to pass before choosing on each tier as age takes hold.

It only takes so long before the bike realizes it doesn’t need the rotting stink of decaying goldfish…

Story below.


Will never settle down, especially with you.


Looking to settle, but with someone a lot younger and less worldly.


Has lived in Final Fantasy all his life.. why stop now?

Sinful Robot developing fully-immersive virtual reality sex game

It was only a matter of time

The world’s first series of “fully-immersive erotic encounters” is being developed by a new California-based startup. In other words, virtual reality sex is finally on its way.

The new company, Sinful Robot, is producing the game for the virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, which is currently in development.

Co-founder and creative director Jeroen Van den Bosch hopes to navigate his way through the uncanny valley and deliver an “erotic adventure game” that feels, well, real.

Continue reading here.

Related: Sexbots


Pls comment if you like the pics and do feel free to share, i’m making them public domain :)


The Kentucky Derby

October 20, 2012

Not too long ago a man came by the stables of a well established jockey. This jockey had raced a few selective events and always with a select few horses that he trained with and stuck with throughout the lifetime of each horse.

Every time he trained with a new horse he learned the ins and outs of the horses personality, how it handled, how far it could be pushed, how hard it could be ridden in the corners. They would train night and day, becoming a team, a unit, bonding into one. He would come to love each horse, take care of the horse, feed the horse, groom the horse, love the horse. They would win or lose the race as a team, a single unit.

Being this way made this jockey very popular and all the owners of race horses brought their finest to him to inspect in hopes of taking the horse on to become the next great champion under his wing, guidance and tutelage.

So one day a man came by the stables and presented this great jockey with a horse, hoping he would take her on to race in the Kentucky Derby. He was very proud of his horse.

Man: “I’d like for you to take on my beautiful horse for a run at the Kentucky Derby!”

Jockey: “Sure, lemme step out and have a look at her. What’s her name?”

Man: “Miss Dirty

The jockey eyed the horse carefully.

Jockey: “Hmmmm, this horse looks quite aged and rough around the edges. How old is this horse?”

Man: “Oh she’s 36.. a great age! Haven’t you heard? 36 is the new 20! She can run just as hard as any of those younger fillies! Plus she knows how to be ridden!”

Jockey: “Perhaps, but she may have picked up many bad habits along the way, and won’t follow being driven the way i require it for a champion run. And pardon me, but age certainly is a factor because they can be ridden much harder in their youth.”

Man: “Now i think you’re just being silly. This horse is fabulous! Sure her coat is a little matted and hair stringy, but it’s about racing, not looking! And none of her former riders complained about her abilities!”

Jockey: “Can i speak with any of her previous riders?”

Man: “Umm no. They didn’t bother sticking around. They just rode her once or twice as hard as they could and then left.”

Jockey: “Interesting. I’m shocked you didn’t bring her to me earlier when you had a chance, i could have taught her some valuable lessons early on in her development.”

Man: “Ahhh, but she was a wild horse back then, she wanted to run wild and free out in the green pastures. And no offense, but she was looking for someone taller than you to break her spirit. So she kept letting all the tall, dark, handsome riders run her in her youth. But now, now she’s done with that and i’m sure she can win the Derby with you because you are so accomplished, know what you want and you have a proven track record with the winning the Kentucky Derby!”

Jockey: “No offense taken, tho i must politely decline your offer of your darling horse. She is much too old, most likely trained improperly and will display tendencies to rebel and refuse proper instruction, most likely will not bond with me, not have the will or stamina of a younger filly to take instruction, be guided, listen to authority and have the wherewithal to see the race through to the finish line. This horse will likely QUIT on me just after the gate because making it to the finish line is just too hard for this one. This is something i cannot risk considering the amount of time i have put into building up a successful company and creating a winning track record.”

Man: “You are an outrage sir! Why must you always be looking at younger horses? My horse here is a prize! And what of this nonsense of bonding? If you want to bond, use some glue!”

Jockey: “I was indeed thinking of glue, but not as you might be thinking.”

This parable brought to you by M3.


Mentus fresh and full of life! MENTUS the freshmaker.

September 20, 2012

I’m extremely bored and about to call it a night.

A friend was going through 80′s commercials today at work trying to find a specific commercial when he stumbled across an old Mento’s commercial. You know the one.. ‘The Freshmaker’ in which a bunch of retarded kids would be popping mints like Ecstasy pills and making really stupid faces while pushing the stick of sugary carnauba pills towards the camera.

Instantly my brain heard Mentus.

Ever since i read his ‘nutsack’ post (his words) it sort of followed me. I followed it through to it’s logical conclusion and ended up on Cakes n Shakes blog where she interviewed him. In that post Mentu made the following statement:

Should men feel obliged to tell potential LTR material upfront (or within a reasonable time period) if they never intend to reproduce? What if she’s in her mid-thirties and her clock is ticking? Callously waste her time or cut her loose?

I would advise men to callously waste her time, write a guest post about it, and send it to me so I can publish it while we all laugh at her. If we did that more often, there’d be far less women wasting their good years partying and sleeping around then passing their used up carcass off to some poor beta. I just had a vasectomy, and once the doctor clears me as shooting blanks, I’m going to play the “I really want to have children” game like a champ. Keep in mind that when I meet a sweet 22 year old girl with traditional values who tells me she wants marriage and children, I don’t even ask her out. I let her walk away so she can find a “nice guy” to settle down with. But let some 34 year old party or career chick roll up to me and say the same thing, and its game on. I don’t think I could feel bad about it even if I tried. Every moment of her time I can waste and get her closer to the grave is a moment of time she can’t snag an unsuspecting beta for marriage. I consider it my duty and a great honor to waste as much of her time as I can.

My affinity for fucking around in photoshop is legendary. I’ve made office workers cry by pasting their faces photo-realistically into situations that would make a preacher blush.. (umm welll, yeah… maybe not so much). I’ve had people throw shit at me for putting them in uncompromising positions.

Google Images how i love thee.

Anyhoo.. in my infinite wisdom (and boredom) i decided to create an image to be the flag of the awesome sentiment described above (one in which i most certainly enjoy and agree with), create an urban dictionary meaning and a meme. I certainly hope he doesn’t take umbrage with this. Becoming a meme on the internet transcends you from mere mortal into the stuff of legend!

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Musings, Odds and Ends

September 19, 2012

First of all, i have some strange fucking viewers…

Secondly.. a taste of what i must endure in the Toronto section of Plenty of Fish. This is what my about profile contains:

About Me

I’m Ace Ventura without the hair.Through trial & error I discovered no one really reads these, so ill let you instead ask me 3 questions which I will answer without evasion.Free answers you need not ask questions for:
- no I’m not a douche
- yes my pics are real
- no I do not own a mansion and a yacht.. yet
- yes I have a dream. Is it realistic? Meh
- I am in the adult industry, yet my soul remains pure as the driven snow

So go for it. 3 freebies. Then we go out on a date to find out more.

This is what got caught in my net (and nearly sank the boat)…


Pretty Funny

Plus Size

the unholy trinity of anti-attraction.

Drinks so you can convince me? i’ll get right on that. When i’m blind, paraplegic and attached to a ventilator.


Lastly a dating profile disaster i entertained with an offer on my terms.

Meet Pumpinstructor.

A 38 year old woman in fairly decent shape for her age. She wants children. At 38. I thought i’d dip my hat into the ring for amusements sake to see if i could tap it for the hell of it. Had to embellish for any hope of a response.

ME: You’re cute and is love to give you a long detailed message, but women on pof tend to not reply. This isn’t a copy paste job, but is an indicator of attraction (duh) and if you are likewise attracted to me, then let me know by saying hello and ill put more thought into the next message. Ta!

HER: Hello :)

ME: Crazy weekend. Hope yours was good.

So what is it that you’re looking to find here on pof? Just curious because i’m always up front about the no marriage/no kids thing. I’m not a commitmentphobe, just a child/legal messphobe.

But i think you look really good, athletically inclined and have some commonalities on top of having a good time together if you care to explore it.


HER: Good luck

Good luck with your aspirations for a child too Pumpy.

Should’a pulled a Mentu. (I think Mentu will become a manosphere meme or an urban dictionary definition)


(v.) to engage in sexual activity with an advanced age female with the promise of bearing fruit whilst actually being sterile so as to remove what little precious fertility she has.

That is all. You can return your tray tables to the open position and feel free to move about the cabin.


if anyone has any suggestions for fixing my profile or what i should have said to her please feel free to sound off in the comments.


So you waited to have a baby so you could have your fun

July 8, 2012

..and now you got baby rabies and the clock is pounding.

And you think i’m going to answer that call?

Or any guy for that matter?

Just spotted this video over at SCAR TISSUE… running off the pop fluff sensation sweeping the nation, this parody had me on the floor spinning around like Homer Simpson going Whoooowhooohwhoowhoooowhooowhooo! It’s things like this that tell me everyday a few more people are becoming aware of the fempocalypse. The best part of the video is her on dating sites and her dates saying ‘NO WAY’.

That’s my fave too. Seeing posts on OKC or POF of women in their late 30′s with status’s of “Wan’ts children” and talk of settling down… i’m sorry, I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING.

Watch and enjoy.

Click to view video

ps-i’ve made a commitment to myself the only way i’ll ever have a child is if i hook up with a chick 25 years old from a european country with a tight frame and long legs and i get 4 full years of awesome sexing before i consider it seriously. Most likely Poland. I won’t marry here, not with the law as it stands.


The canary in the coal mine.. fewer kids

June 22, 2012

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

I’m not Nostradamus but…

World with less and less marriageable women, and men taking greater precautions during pathetic economic times, the  man-cession and inability to provide for a stable family (or avoid getting raped by divorce, alimony, child support, losing access to kids, you get the point)… it’s not abnormal to see this dip.

Put a fork in it, it’s done.

Births in Canada down for the first time in a decade

“The bump-up seems to be that a lot of couples have postponed child-bearing and then they get to the end of the child-bearing possibilities, or what they perceive as that, and they have a child later,” she tells the Canadian Press.

So maybe it was just a 10-year blip, and now we can all go back to raising our 1.67 children.

With more and more men swallowing red pill knowledge by the day at an exponential level.. how many men are going to start avoiding helping these women  who are at the end of their ‘child bearing’ years pop out a kid when they’re targeting the young’ns.

If anyone can find info mirroring this for other countries like the U.S., U.K or land down under.. do share.

The canary is twitching. Ye have been warned.


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